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Hey! It’s me, Alex, 21 years old and 180cm tall 😉 I’m an open-minded young woman, always looking for new things to see and learn. I like being with people of all kinds and listening to their story and their point of view on life.
I am one of the lucky ones being born and raised in Austria, the little alpine state next to Germany. So I grew up next to cows, horses and cats, often spending weekends (and holidays) up in the mountains, with nothing but nature and a few alpine huts. Probably that’s why I absolutely love to be out in the free lands, breathing fresh air and enjoying the silence. As much as I love the nature, I love animals, especially horses of all kinds. In fact, I owned a Pinto-Arab in my youth years and loved to ride her and work with her, but also just to be at the stables and enjoying the smell of those animals. Well, so what else? Professionally I work as a timber construction technician and I really really like it because (well, you might know it already :D) wood is natural. So it’s nothing unusual to me working on the (wood)building site and handle tools. Anything to add? If you miss some information, ask me! Alex

Why I joined WWOOF

I joined WWOOF because: 1. I refuse to be just a normal tourist, running around, photographing things and rushing on. So I want to experience Australia from the australian point of view. 2. I want to learn new things and skills, whether farming practices or skills with tools or animals. I am just open to anything.

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