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Akaiya Price

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Hi, my name’s Akaiya. I am 18 years old and have recently finished school. I am currently travelling in my campervan and am looking to explore as much of Australia as I can and meet new friends along the way..

I’m interested in music, fashion and art and craft. I love the ocean, camping and being outdoors in nature. Although I’m not super experienced, I enjoy gardening and would to learn more about growing food and particularly, the medicinal uses of plants.I’m a social person, I love spending time with friends and making new friends.

Why I joined WWOOF

WWOOFing seems like a great way to travel and meet new people. I hope to learn new skills and knowledge along the way and experience different ways of life. I did some WWOOFing with my family when I was very young and although I don’t remember a lot about it, my family tell me it was a really fun experience.

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Akaiya Price

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