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Having been raised in the heart of Vancouver Canada, Ive spent countless hours responding to schedules, running for buses, and minding my own business. Busy cities breed busy people, and the more time ive spent removing myself from that environment, the more ive felt at ease. I’m calm and hard-working, loyal and spontaneous. I love to laugh and I love to learn. Hobbies include, writing, playing ice hockey, reading and drinking.. (water!). Not all at the same time though. My mother grew up on a farm, and I’m wanting to connect back to my roots (pun intented), but all-in-all I’m an average backpacker with a beyond average personality.

Why I joined WWOOF

I joined WWOOF to work on a quality farm with good people. I’d love to learn a little about sustainability and what actually goes into the organic production of the food on my shelves.

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