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Hi, my name is Aditya, Adi for short. A 26-year-old guy originally from India. I’ve been living in Australia since 2013. I’ve tried different jobs over the past few years in different industries like hospitality, warehousing, IT. I like to read books and play some guitar in my free time. I like to spend time with myself as well as with others. I like meeting new people sharing ideas and stories as well as culture.

Why I joined WWOOF

I joined WWOOF because I’ve tried one way of living and I want to try something new now. I feel a very strong urge to experience a different way of living. I want to experience working on farms. I sometimes help a friend of mine at his property doing odd jobs and that made me realise that I enjoy working outside in nature and now I would like to do it more and learn skills required to work at farms. And while doing that, meet and connect with different people. Another reason is that, even though I’ve been living in Australia for a while, I still feel like I haven’t seen it at all. I want to travel around this country and live in different places and have different experiences altogether.

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Aditya Sharma

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