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I am currently studying veterinary medicine at the University of Sydney. I am a big fruit eater and love to go on runs in nature so give me an unlimited supply of mangoes and I will run to the moon and back!

I also greatly enjoy singing, dancing, painting and yoga. I enjoy my privacy and spending time exploring alone but I never miss a chance to spend time with people that I can connect with on a meaningful level.

Why I joined WWOOF

In the past year or so my connection to nature and my food has grown deeply and I wish to learn more about how the food I eat comes to my plate and how this food can be grown sustainably.

I have a dream to plant a food forest in my hometown of Gandhinagar in India. I wish to teach farmers in my locality about how to thrive in the abundance of mother nature without damaging her.

I must admit that I have little to no experience in working on a farm and the only plants I have grown are a tomato and a basil plant but I can see so many more learning opportunities and so many more plants to be grown in my future that it excites me just thinking about the possibilities.

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Aditya Dave

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