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Since completing Steiner education I have gained experience and ranging skill levels in fields from architectural drafting, Cabinet making, automotive mechanics, facilities management and maintenance commercial / industrial, antique restoration, arboriculture, landscaping, machine operation including fork lift and tractor, education support, Fruit picking, general farm work, Organic / Bio-dynamic wholesale and retail produce buyer, wholesale warehouse management, retail store manager, environmental protection and rehabilitation, Carpentry.

I will be traveling north from Melbourne early September in self contained van.

Why I joined WWOOF

I am taking a long slow trip up down and around the east coast and would like to experience both large and small scale agricultural systems.

Engaging with socially responsible people and produces to enable –

A desire to learn and further develop my abilities first hand from people and places.

To contribute to something meaningful and more sustainable in the big picture.

I love soil! I dislike the word dirt in reference to soil.

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