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Date of birth – 23. August 1988 Nationality – German

I am looking for a possibility to prove myself and get then I fair payed full time farm work job (6-7 days no problem- stay long term as well).

I would appreciate it a lot if you give me a hand. I’m here for work and earn good money.

I am a strong minded, dedicated to hard work and have a good work ethic. I have been gaining experience in construction over the past 13 years.


7 years practice and 6 years theorie experiences.


Capable of working long 12+hour days in hot or cold weather doing laborious work. 


Always wanting to learn new skills and motivated by new challenges. 


I have a genuine love for the outdoors and new experiences. Currently located in Sydney and I’m working a couple of hours per week as a handyman in a hostel for my accommodation at the moment.


As a responsible employee I’m always eager to get my work done in a timely manner and with a quality that leaves me knowing I’ve done a good job that satisfies my employer and the customer. 


Fortunately, I gathered different experiences during my career. My last role was a project manager for 6 months at a sustainable Eco village in Nepal. 

As a reliable worker, I’m sure I’ll be a good part of your company, too. 




October 2005 – March 2009 


Apprenticeship at SIEMENS – B/S/H 

branch of Apprenticeship: industry mechatronics (mechatronics consist of mechanical, electronic and computer science) education; graduation: degree of education


October 2009 – July 2010


Technical University of Applied Sciences

OSZ – Engineering Potsdam 

1 year technical specialist high school diploma

graduation: degree of education 


October 2010 – September 2014


Pre-Diploma and Civil Engineering project degree program at the FH – University of Applied Sciences Potsdam; branch of study: diploma civil engineering education; graduation: Pre-Diploma of education 


Additional skills



German – native speaker, English – fluent

Spanish &, French – good speaking knowledge of the language



Knowledge of MS office programs, CAD 


Licenses / other skills:

White card; First aid training


Able to use: a lot of industrial tools like milling machine, lathe, CNC and a lot of manufacturing tools. 


Working well with others, Organisation, Willingness to learn, Critical reasoning skills, Comfortable and adept technology, Oral Communication, Strength and Stamina, Coordination, Building and mechanical knowledge, Math and language literature 




I’m available to work any time, also on weekends and nights..


Employment (since 2011 self-employed)


Januar 2012 – December 2014


Former Working Student Project Management Assistant, Polisher at ,,flender & drobig ingenieure GmbH” on the Department Building inspection


Practical experiences:

  • Assembly and disassembly of construction at various conventions throughout Germany.

  • 2 years mechatronics – electrical (switch boards, circuits etc.), mechanical (conveyor belt, switch boxes) and computer science (programming)

  • Construction projects around the world (Ecuador – building and organising a whole hostel of 4 levels, Nepal – building sustainable buildings etc.)

  • Measurement, surveys and Inspection for a German landscape company 

  • University of Applied Sciences means that you have 2-3 every week practical days exercise in a team ( more or less than 2 years)


Educational experiences:

  • Mechatronics Apprenticeship at Siemens – B/S/H

  • Technical University of Applied Sciences

  • FH – University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

  • Sustainable Art Eco Village project management/administration 

  • Hostel construction administration 

  • Measurement office work like CAD 




flender & drobig ingenieure GmbH, Mathias Drobig Executive Director, Behlertstr. 35, 14467 Potsdam

Phone: +49 331 – 201 67 51 – 0



Summer house backpackers, Forbes st 153 NSW Australia, Woolloomooloo 2011

Phone: +61 2 9358 4327


Kind regards


Aaron Hubig 


Phone: ‭04 99783 213‬ E-Mail: aaronhubig@gmail.com

Why I joined WWOOF

  • A other German engineer had recommended this Plattform to get in touch with the locals. He sad: if you want to work longer and can give a hard hand then go with wwoof. So, I’m use to it to trust my feelings after a conversation. It was a very nice guy and here I am. I would love to prof myself and my abilities. And as I sad: Stay a bit longer on one area and I really like to give a hand where it’s needed. Looking forward to hear from you.

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