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3 pregnant pigs n funny boar. If you’re excited, please keep reading. 450 olive trees too, but they are boring compared to 4 loving social pigs. I’m getting goats n chickens n geese too but they won’t beat my pigs. My pigs are the best. I have a 1.6 acre permaculture farm in Pokolbin NSW. 2 hours north of Sydney aka the big smoke. 1 have a studio log cabin n ready to build a 2nd kit log cabin. Building a great composting toilet n gas shower. Hope you’re still excited. I’m happy to pay for all food etc.

I’m happy for you to plant any food n do aquaponic system etc and pay for it all. I’m looking for people that dream about self sufficient living. You want to challenge yourself to not need a supermarket. If you have no car, no problem. It is 100% unpaid volunteering of up to 6 hours per day. 30 minutes is helping the pigs and the rest is doing something you’re passionate about on my property. I’m not trying to save money or make money from you. If you have no car, I will look at supplying electric bikes. If you have a car, I will look at a providing a fuel card and pay for my mechanic to routinely inspect n maintain your vehicle. I haven’t started making biodiesel or biogas yet. Keyword is yet!

By December 2021 I want, olives, hops, lavender, Rosemary, herbs, vegetables, aquaponic system, chickens, geese, goats milk, etc included. Realistically its not 4 to 6 hours hard labour a day. More like spending time learning n playing. I’m looking for ambitious people that want to use my property as a learning curve. Can we grow rice n corn n barley? Can we try getting fertile eggs n grow chickens n geese n turkeys? Can we eat them or I’m happy to try vegetarian living…… My dream is to have a gardener n animal lover love my property. No preference in male or female, single or couple, gay or straight, religion, etc. But do want no drugs or smoking on my property at all times. If you smoke, you only have to walk up to 50 metres. Not sure about allowing pets so I guess I’m undecided. I would love to have a dog here but undecided.

It’s 20km from Cessnock, 16km from Broke (McNamara park) 30km from Singleton, address is available after chat. When you visit, look forward to laughing n playing with 4 pigs. Gum boots essential. I am totally excited about sharing a extremely high density organic permaculture farm development with like minded excited people.

Oops. I forgot to mention my frogs, tortoises, parrots, owls, eagles, friendly snakes, lace monitors, native bees that call my property home too. My dream is to have up to 4 people enjoy being here. My dream is to work elsewhere and just visit once or twice a week to have an awesome BBQ n do hard farm labour.

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4 WWOOFers

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Whatever suits


Separate Building, Caravan, Tent, BYO Accommodation

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No Smoking Inside

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Eat together, Eat separately, Share some meals, Share most meals, Share cooking, Food provided, cook your own

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Mixed meals, some meat, some vegetarian, Fish based meals, Meat based meals, Vegetarian meals, Vegetarian only, Vegan meals, Gluten free meals

Why I became a WWOOF Host

To find nice people to help share my farm with. I know a few people that have had awesome people help on their farm through WWOOF and I see no reason not to give it a crack myself.

I am genuinely super excited at what will eventuate from signing up as a host with WWOOF.

Work and Study Remotely here

Work and Study Remotely here by arrangement



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