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Hi my name is Tony it’s been a few years since I’ve done this, so I am Australian, and just want to get back into travelling around Australia.

I have not WWOOFed before, so my personality – I am very spiritual and always find the answers you seek when you travel around but I am still old school I still get up get to work an hour before work starts then get the job done.

I enjoy problem solving, I am quite handy when maintenance needs to be done on the house or on the property. As it goes for my hobbies and interests I think the best way to describe that is in person over a cup of coffee.

Well I will leave you with that….. Oh one more thing I like telling very corny jokes 😃

Why I joined WWOOF

When you’re seeking answers to the questions you ask is when you start to travel and the universe seems to send the right people your way, so this is why I’ve decided to travel around just to fulfil some desire to enjoy seeing Australia a bit more, also finding the answers I seek.

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Tony Akary

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All food


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