In the days when we worked from printed membership applications, WWOOFers would often answer this question on the application form:  “Where did you hear about us?” The usual response amounted to “word-of-mouth”. For example:

I heard about WWOOFing from my mother, whose friends all did it.

A friend of my sister recommended it.

A friend told me about it. I honestly can’t remember who, though.

Heard about WWOOF from other people’s experiences of it and recommended as a means of learning more about agriculture.

Keep in mind the importance of word-of-mouth. You can’t underestimate it!

Another question on the application form was: “Why are you joining?” The answers to this question were sometimes amusing, as well as informative, and a good indication of what motivates WWOOFers. We thought we’d share some of them with you.

I am joining WWOOF because I want to experience a new way of life. I have worked in corporate offices for multiple companies, always working at a computer for most of the day. I desire to spend some more time outdoors and using my hands. Also, I have never been to Australia, and I want to see what it is like. I’m very excited to try something new!!!

I would like to connect more with our earth and grow as a person. I have time before grad school so why not do something where I am making a difference and helping our environment and population.

I enjoy gardening and such types of labour as they are rewarding and physically demanding and fun. This initiative seems perfect for me and I cannot wait to start volunteering for a host. I also really like rural Australia and would appreciate an opportunity to explore more of it, and what better way than through working on farms!

To discover Australian organic farms around the country and share experiences with Australian farmers.

To experience how local people in different countries live, as well as their culture and daily lifestyles.

To gain more practical agricultural experience, build networks, and explore ways in which I can be involved further in the food system.

Because agriculture is my life and passion together with travelling. I have a Masters degree in Agricultural Science and have travelled Europe, New Zealand, Polynesia, Japan and Australia.

To meet local people and to learn new things.

The days of printed application forms are now behind us, but we hope our members will continue to share their experiences with us and with their fellow members.

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