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    Since the change over to the new website and app quite a few of our recent WWOOFs have not known their ID numbers. We can see that they are registered with WWOOF, but can’t see any numbers. Given that we are supposed to record this upon arrival, I’m wondering what others have done?????

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    Lisa and Brad

    I just check they exist online and match their name. None of them seem to know their user id.

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    Hello everyone, yes we have sent our many emails in regards to this, and we understand you are all busy. Please note prior to October last year our WWOOFers were allocated WWOOFer number from our office, now everything is completed on line and the WWOOFers create their own User Name, this is their ID. If you are corresponding with a WWOOFer through the website then they are a Registered WWOOFer and should have a Profile, please ensure you take a look if they don’t have enough information about themselves ask them for more information remember you are inviting strangers into your home. Upon arrival please ensure they fill in the Guest Book https://wwoof.com.au/documents/guestbook.pdf If they have their mobile phone ask them to show you their Profile, all of this should be completed before they even start work on your premises – Protect yourself guys and girls!

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