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    OK so its the end of the year and we have had some awesome woofers and… well some not quite so awesome.

    A few notable quotes (I would love to hear yours)

    ‘so you remove the pot before you plant’ well yes we do.

    ‘its thicker back home’ the excuse given as to why a woofer was using more than a roll of toilet paper a day.

    ‘I know its hard to believe but I could do nothing for two weeks’ we believe it, we definitely believe it

    ‘smoked salmon’ the serious answer to ‘what would you like for dinner?’ we didn’t go that far

    ‘i only have three coffees a day’ well no you have three double shots for breakfast, two at morning tea and a couple in the afternoon. We ran out of espresso coffee quickly.

    ‘when will my washing be ready to collect?’ the answer was after you peg it on the line and it dries and you take it off yourself.

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    Lisa and Brad

    That’s so funny….our first WWOOFers arrive on Friday. We’ve had some great help from Fiona at Orange so let’s kick off and see how it goes. Think I will keep going with weeding out the non-starters.

    You are way too gracious with the Expresso machine..we’re instant coffee option only.

    By the way, send us down some of that Smoked Salmon, with the big black hole of farm life I’ve forgotten what it tastes like!!

    Will be interesting to hear of other hosts memorable quotes. Lisa and Brad

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    Thank you Hosts, we love to read these!

    The WWOOF Office

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    Andy & Lizi Hofer

    Hahaha. I love it. We had a lovely German boy who asked if he could stop in at the “liquid shop” He was also amazed that our daughter was a barrister – “but you just press a button?” I really enjoyed conversations with him.

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    We had a Chinese wwoofer who came straight to our farm from the outback in China. He had never had bread before, but loved my home made bread. When he was leaving to stay at a hostel, he asked if I’d show him how to make bread so that he could eat it at the hostel. He was amazed when I told him that it would be difficult to make it there and he should buy it. ‘Can you buy bread?’ he asked.

    We asked the same wwoofer why he chose our farm. ‘I wanted to see horses and I like old people,’ he told us.

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    Love it
    Not so sure about OLD people but traditional chinese are very respectful of their older relatives

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    He was being very respectful; it was just funny. He was a very nice young man.

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    Linda Deseck

    Young French girl complained: “every evening there is too much noisy incest!”
    Before you take away my Host status… She meant ‘insects’
    The cicadas can be quite deafening at sundown in summer. Lol.

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    Maja & Matthias Lie

    We’ve hosted a young Japanese wwoofer, whose English skills were rather limited. When he asked, what they were going to do, my husband answered: “Weeding!” After they’d been working side by side for a while, filling wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow, the wwoofer suddendly asked: “So, are you smoking ALL THIS???”

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    Susan Renfree

    Well mine is not exactly a quote but rather an experience. I showed the German boy where my crockery was kept in my pantry so that he could get himself a cereal bowl for breakfast. He came out with my stainless steel mixing bowl, filled it to the top with Corn Flakes used half the carton of milk and proceeded to eat then with a teaspoon.

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    Interesting to read these posts which in hindsight we can laugh about.
    We’ve just had three non starters, literally all arriving at the same time.
    Their thoughts were that someone would be working with them all the time and that person would be teaching them permaculture like in a class setting.
    One said to me that “we” are cheap labour, this was a new Wwoofer because all I have done is clean a gutter, help build a roof and done some weeding.
    May answer was on two of those occasions you had one of our people working with you and the cleaning out of the gutters is important given we have just had some serious fires and the waste from the gutters goes directly onto the garden as an amazing mulch.
    The roof building provides a water catchment which is our main aim given we have only 400 litres of water left onsite.
    The weeding well he had to do that one on his own and managed about a meter before saying he wasn’t sure what else had to be done. We did have to re-do it. Again I had to explain to him that this is pick and drop mulching for the garden.
    Again he/they didnt see how this was permaculture. I believe they thought it was all about the garden only and they they were at a school where they were going to be taught. I did explain that our profile clearly states that we are building a Permaculture Educational centre. They must have missed that.
    Majority of our volunteers are great and invaluable with their friendships, information and help.

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    Andy & Lizi Hofer

    Paul, I think your reply was wrongly placed in this conversation. We were all just having a bit of fun about the hilarious/gorgeous/light and wonderful conversations we have with wwoofers.

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    I would love to see a separate thread on wwoofer expectations. How we can convey realistic information about our places and what to do when expectations from wwoofers are unrealistic even though we’ve been upfront. I think it’s an important topic.

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    just had another one!

    wwoofer “hey Greg, whats those things on the towers over there? the round ones

    greg ‘sheep fans, sheep fans’

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    I will try to convey this right;
    We are Dutch, and at dinner time, before we start eating we will say ‘eet smakelijk’ which translates as ‘enjoy your meal’, then start eating. We are a bit sternnon good table manners, ( knife and fork, politesness etc) mist helpers are keen to say ‘the word’ right.

    This french bloke was sure he had it. As soon as we had all scopped up, he looked my husband straight in the eye, and says “ eats my cock”
    My husband collapsed …

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    Lisa and Brad

    Well that makes you laugh!!!

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