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    Andy & Lizi Hofer

    Hey all, although new to hosting, we have already had 3 absolutely wonderful wwoofers. One week before the last one left it started raining hard…and still is by the way. Too hard to work in, so pretty well we couldn’t do much. There was no undercover shed work to do either…and yet I had one very hearty eater young man with nothing to do. Any suggestions? or is that just the luck of it? Is it ok to do things like clean verandas etc under these circumstances?

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    Hi Guys, probably best to have a chat with the wwoof office to be absolutely sure but we do.
    If it’s a tropical low that’s moved in we might have a chat about and explain we can’t control the weather and rain limits the jobs we can do and how much work we have. We might give them a their weekly days off, do an inside job (if we have one), work in the rain or move them on. I don’t think anyone expects you to feed and house a bunch of wwoofers if they aren’t working indefinitely due to weather events.

    It would be interesting to here how Victorian hosts are handling their current deluge 🙂


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    Hi Andy and Lizi, your expectations of the WWOOFers coming to your property can be outlined in great detail on your Profile. Open honest conversation is the best policy. We have over 1750 Hosts and I’m sure each one handles situations differently so up front honest conversations is very important, you are inviting strangers into your home so I always recommend building a relationship prior to the visit (just a few calls is all you need).
    Another issue that has arisen from this is to maybe check the weather forecast 5 days out prior to WWOOFers visiting your Farm, again ensure empathy at all times if you have to change your mind, always be respectful as we expect the WWOOFers are to the Hosts.

    Please, feel free at anytime to contact the Office if you have any concerns, that’s why we are here Monday to Friday, 9am – 4.30pm



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