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    Alexandra Lanz

    Hi everyone 🙂
    I doing Wwoofing for the first time. We are leaving my country next month.
    Do you have any tips for us? How about the insurance? Do you need another insurance besides the one from Wwoof? What does the insurance from Wwoof include?
    Hope someone can help me.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

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    Hi Alexandra, WWOOFer insurance covers volunteer members if they have an accident while they are WWOOFing (Volunteering) on registered WWOOF Host properties within Australia
    Note: This policy is very basic, up to a maximum cover of AUD$10,000.00, and would be unlikely to cover all medical expenses in the event of a serious accident. It does not cover WWOOFers in the event of illness so it is a vital that WWOOFers also take out some form of medical insurance to cover illness.

    We strongly advise WWOOFers to ensure they have adequate Travel insurance and medical cover to suit their needs. The cost of ambulance transport and hospital admissions in Australia is VERY expensive. WWOOF insurance policy only covers ambulance transport up to $3,000, and a total claim of $10,000.

    Air ambulance transport can cost tens of thousands of dollars so it is vital to have separate additional insurance cover for this. Some WWOOF properties are remote or isolated and air ambulance maybe necessary to get to a hospital.
    You will find further reading on our website in the following link:

    Please feel free to contact the office if you have any further questions, we are always here to help!

    Thank you

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    Alexandra Lanz

    Thanks for your reply

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