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    Hi, We sat by patiently waiting for our welcome email to set up our profile for the new look page. Eventually emailing WWOOF to see what the holdup was. Super fast response with our new details, but I don’t see a lo of helpful information about the new structure. Obviously from the numerous posts in the General WWOOFing Discussion of Hosts looking for WOOFers, they too are unclear that their request would go in the Search – Noticeboard – section. Then unfortunately we have Hosts posting in the WOOFer section, making it all a bit higgledy piggledy. I also am worried that the map shows so few hosts. I love the new mapping feature by the way, and also the availability calendar, but do you have questions about how to go about using the new website? This site is a medium for communication, how about we, as members, help where possible to make is work for everyone. I have had a look around the site and might be able to help with some questions, alternately do you have insight into how to get the most out of the system. Pretty sure everyone knows how to update their profile, but literally no question is too small of ‘nooby’ because we all start somewhere.

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    I managed to update my profile no probs. But then I couldn’t set location and now that is available that makes the map look better and me findable by map.
    I haven’t yet figured out how to make the calendar work for me. but will when I next have more than a moment.

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    We have pretty well given up with it.
    This current Japanese woman may well be our last WWOOFer.
    Rob and Leyla Johnson.

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    Our messages from 18 days ago just started showing up. Also would’ve like to see more detailed mandatory info on wwoofer profiles like skills, diet, smoker/non, etc

    It’s a bit clunky but definitely a step up from the horrible app. Hoping it’s a work in progress.


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    Does anyone know how to delete a conversation in my messages? Also how do you find where it shows who has liked or followed you? Other than that I seem to be finding it OK and we have been getting an uptake in inquiries, so a big plus there. I like the locator map and I would like to see more wwoofers use this and at least say where they are looking to go.

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    Julie Dickie

    I have found the new site to be very user unfriendly. The pages are bloated out & take too long to load. Being in a rural area I don’t have a fast connection so I sit waiting for pages to load. Considering the pages are mostly text, in this minimalist looking site, it is a bit frustrating. The forum is now broken into different links & this is also confusing. I feel the site has been made for a corporate kind of structure & this takes away from the WWOOF ethos of sharing & friendliness. My preference is for the old site. Maybe I am a bit old fashioned & don’t like change but that is probably common with WWOOF type people. The government has done enough to bring down WWOOF & I think this site is not going to help. Sorry for the gripe but I haven’t enjoyed using the new site. None-the-less I hope this feedback can help to improve things.
    Allan & Julie
    PS Now I have scrolled down to submit this post I see the ‘submitting’ button next to the ‘submit’ button. What is that for?

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    Jackie, firstly I don’t like the fact I can’t reply to your comment, rather it just coms up as another post. Hmmm frustrating if people want to expand a specific point.

    Cannot see anywhere that allows for deletion of a comment. Particularly painful when you press return as you type. All of my posts start with Hi. then the next message with oops. followed by the actual message. We too have had an uptake in enquiries, but I worry that this may be due to not everyone making the change. Our first email said wait until you get the LOGIN EMAIL, which we never received, rather contacted WWOOF to get access. Also there are so few on the map it means that this great resource cannot be fully utilised. I hope too that WWOOFers use the map feature also, but not sure if they would invest the time into doing it.

    No list on who has liked or followed you, you just have to keep the emails that the system sends you when they do follow you.

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    Allan & Julie. I am not a big fan of the fact that our names were set up as our membership number by default. And for you guys with slower net speeds, why would you want to set up a cover image and profile picture that will increase the download of your own page each time you deal with it. On saying that I do like theft w can set up a picture for this, but understand the limitations.

    They have obviously gone for the clean cut styling. but there is a lot of open space on the page, and even with my large display I have to scroll all over the place. The forum setup is a big issue for me, particularly where can we, as hosts, make comments on the site etc.

    Not sure if it is vital to see who the last activity on the site is from, I would think that the forums info may be more beneficial. I also see the site is more about the WWOOFers, with focus on how they use the site or contact hosts, but until al of the hosts are up and happy, where is the benefit for a WWOOFer to come here. Australia is pretty damn big, and yet the map has us as 250 ish Hosts in total. Surely there is more than that.

    As for the 2 buttons, no idea, I pressed submitting for the last post and it worked the same as submit.

    Not everyone like change, but that is also different to not liking the changes. I do hope this feedback will go somewhere, and if we can discuss it more them perhaps some of the amendments could happen. Perhaps some feedback from hosts before the change would have meant that there would be less issues after the fact.

    Thanks to everyone for at least commenting, so I don’t feel like I alone am expecting perhaps a bit more from the site.


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    WWOOF Webmaster

    Hi all, I hope I can shed some light on the issues raised above. All very good points. It would be good to keep this posting going with any issues you discover.

    There are extensive videos available on the FAQ page. There is a video on how to set your location, update your calendar, upload images for your gallery … everything we could think of. These are all only 1-2 minutes long … not much time to take to view them over a period of time when it suits.

    We have had issues with getting existing Members setup in the system. We had to somehow upload you all from the existing Mobile App, and get your details in. This has never been attempted before with a site such as this. Thus we had to create a username & password for you all. Regrettably the username cannot be changed once it is set, and we had to use your existing Member ID’s as the username. New Members who signup get to choose their Username. There were other issues with this process, but I believe we’ve managed to get through them with the excellent assistance of the Admin at WWOOF Office.

    Submit button fixed. These are the little tweaks we need to hear about. Only 1 button now πŸ™‚

    Notice Board – we have just found a bug where Hosts requests for WWOOFers are somehow finding their way into the Hosts Wanted Notices. We hadn’t foresaw that a new Member who had not been Activated as yet, (thus not a WWOOFer or a Host in the system), was able to find the Noticeboard page and Post a Notice … and it defaulted to posting their notice as a Host wanted. Will be fixed today.

    Messages in the instant Messaging/Chat program, Messages can not be deleted. This will go onto our Feature List for the near future.

    Hitting Enter in the Messaging/Chat will send your message. This is a standard action in Chat programs i.e. Facebook. If you want a new line, you use “Shift Enter” … we’ll try to make this clearer. The messaging is not a forum, it’s an instant chat. We are also developing “notifications” that will let you know when you have a reply or new message. This is being developed as the new Mobile App is completed, so we’ve just got to wait for that.

    Followers – this feature is about to be switched on. You will find a “My Followers” menu under your My Profile main men. This will show you who has placed you in their Favourites (following you).

    Forum – replying to comments: this just happens to be the nature of this forum. It’s the same software as used by many forums (not the old wwoof forum), and thus we must adapt. I agree and we’ll look into that ability to reply to a Post within a Topic. On the Feature List!

    The speed of the site is still an issue. This is because we’re still in launch mode and still testing for bugs. Once things have settled down, then we will activate the Cacheing and Zipping and all the other tools at our disposal to speed up the site. Who would have thought this country had an NBN? (not here!).

    I do agree with the confusion mentioned – having Notice Boards, Messaging and Forums. I personally would drop either the Notice Board or the Forum for simplicity sake.

    I hope I have covered everything so far. If not, please comment further.

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    Thanks heaps for this, please understand it isn’t an attack on WOOF, just a means to get on the same page about details that we would like tweaked, or think are an issue. And I thought it better to open as a forum question than everyone getting frustrated or sending individual messages to admin.

    Keep on keeping peeps.And yeah, add anything else πŸ™‚

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    Jane and Des

    I know WWOOF meant well- but I cant see the point in making a web-site that is difficult and confusing to use.
    For example, I cant find an equivalent to the place where I could see how many potential WWOOFers had looked at my posting.
    And why have Notice board, Messaging and Forum.
    Please think through whether the tools are 1. useful or 2. confusing. If confusing, please don’t feel obliged to use them. Simple IS better, especially as many WWOOF hosts are NOT IT-savvy and NOT easily able to interpret IT-speak.
    Please consider if change is being implemented for the sake of change or to make the web-site clearer to ALL users.

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    I like the look of the new site- very slick.
    the oppening page though- I know you want to get more people in, but it repeats about 500 times, and no info past that. its is a chore to find profiles and forum, which I think is the main reason for the site to exist.

    Since the main reason for the forum is bringing hosts and Wwoofers together- I think it is very strange that this section has been removed/ is unfindable.
    Dividing in states made sense.
    Now it is just a jumble of topics. at least ad a good search function- and divide people looking for hosts/helpers and discussions.
    Not quite there yet, but better then it was.


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    I find this a nightmare to navigate. I’ll stick to Helpex until its sorted out.
    Regards Tas

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    Thanks for everyone’s input so far. I have another query….in my messages there is a button for see profile so that you can check out the person you are having a conversation with, presumably. However when I click on it, it just goes to our own profile….although it did go to the other persons profile on one occasion, so this is what I think is meant to happen?.. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    WWOOF Webmaster

    Jackie & David – re the Profile button, yes it is supposed to show the profile of the one you are chatting with. Chat notifications are coming soon, along with the new Mobile App. We’ll double check the coding for that button.

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    WWOOF Webmaster

    COMPLICATED, HARD TO NAVIGATE, UNUSABLE … these are some of the comments we’ve received via this Forum … and mostly coming from Hosts, not WWOOFers.

    I am one of the web developers and would like to understand what all this means, so we can make your experience on WWOOF more productive and easier.

    The way I see it is:

    Once you’re a Member, you basically will only ever use 3 pages. All very clearly marked in the TOP menu.

    Search – Map search or List search … is this not very clear?

    Notice Board – post your “wanted ads here” … complicated?

    When you find someone in the Search or Notice Board you click their link and go to their Profile. Read it, then either Follow them (add them to your Favourites for later reference), or contact them via their Contact details (email, phone) or Send them a Message.

    I truly don’t understand the complexity that is being talked about?

    Enlighten me please so we can improve our service for you.

    In my opinion as a web developer, the Forums are the most unfriendly and “full of other stuff” places to be trying to find WWOOFers or Hosts. They’re a throw-back from the first days of the Internet as a way of communicating with anyone. However, we need your feedback and will re-instate the old Forum features if it’s truly needed.

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    Thankyou webmaster.

    I agree that there needs to be distinction between things we can fix, and things we need to learn how to do the new way.

    An example – I think something that could use a fix is that in the Noticeboard section (Under Search Menu) when I – a host from Victoria – would like to just see the WWOOFers that are available to me, I choose Vic. Except that it does not include the WWOOFers that have set their location as all. So they could in fact come to Victoria, they are just not specific, like the ones that have set Victoria. So to see them I have to set it to all, where I see the posts for everywhere – including the ALL. So can we please have it that when I choose as a host to see Victoria available WWOOFers, I see those with it set to BOTH Vic, and All.

    The other example – I LOVE the new message system even tho it took me a bit to work it out. WHY you ask? Well you see before when it was through the Forum, I would get frustrated when a WWOOFer was travelling through Western Victoria looking for a host (Yay – that could be me) gets replied to by 6 other hosts from NSW or QLD telling them to go there. This way those hosts can still do that, but I don’t have to see them doing it. And ignorance can be bliss. The other thing is how many WWOOFers are our age people! We need to use a system that they understand or else they will go somewhere that does. So as long as we steer clear of #hashtags and emoticons, I am willing try this new communication style.

    And, not to sound presumptuous, but are we not getting feedback on our feedback pretty damn fast here. Some websites or platforms would have us dangling forever to even get a hint that someone is listening. And here we have not just listening but OMG — Only 1 submit button — within 48 hours of a please explain.

    Lets give the system a chance and find meaningful errors to poke fun at.

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    Dear Webmaster, Is it possible to add another couple of sections to wwoofer profiles? “Skills I Have” and “Any Medical Conditions”?

    It would make the searching for wwoofers so much easier if we are looking for specific skills and also give us instant info on allergies or medical conditions that would preclude some jobs.

    Thanks! Ann

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    Looks great but I am struggling to find my way around eg. how to renew my membership and how to change my password…where do I look for these details….otherwise it is very spicko guys!

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    WWOOF Webmaster

    Kim & Terry – great post, that’s what we need to see. Detailed problems or detailed feature requests. All requests that you guys make (meaning everyone) are noted and taken onboard.

    Some of the fixes we’ve done so far from your suggestions:
    1. Fixed that submit button πŸ™‚
    2. Moved “Latest Forum Posts” to the top of the right hand column
    3. Enabled Search for Member ID’s (the ones used in the old Mobile App for WWOOFers) in the List Search page.
    4. Enabled all the existing Host Farms that still haven’t logged in yet to update their Profile (in List Search)

    Re the Notice Board – (UPDATED) I understand the issue there. We’ve looked at the existing coding, and it’s not possible (so far) to implement that change (show Victoria & All) … now we think about it, we should have had tick boxes when you do a New Notice … Vic, NSW, Qld, All etc. The way it is, we’d have to “break” all existing notices to change the Filters. We’ll keep pondering it though.

    No hashtags I promise πŸ™‚

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    WWOOF Webmaster

    Ann & Scott, WWOOFers already have a section for the skills they wish to learn, but it’s up to them to tick the boxes, so you see that on their Profile page. We didn’t put it in as a “Search Box” because many just don’t fill it out, and they’d be omitted from those search results.

    However, we are thinking of adding more “Detail” to the List Search Results … so instead of only showing their Name and Brief Intro, we’ll also show what languages they speak, skills if possible and any other fields that may be useful to Hosts.

    We’re doing the same for Host Results … show their Farm type, Farming methods etc, so you don’t have to keep going to each Profile everytime but can filter whilst on the actual search page.

    Storing Medical Conditions means we’ll be storing “Sensitive Information” instead of just “Personal Information” on our webserver. Even though all data is encrypted (SSL) the legal Australian government requirements increase exponentially when you start collecting Sensitive Information … and we have to have a really good reason for doing so. We may have to give this one a miss.

    But any other info you think WWOOFers should be displaying, let us know.

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      Thank you for your response. I can see the issue with storing sensitive info.

      I have seen both wwoofer and host profile pages. At this point Host pages have a lot more relevant info. In regard to skills. I’m not asking what skills they want to learn, I want to know what skills the have that they can share with me. I.E. webdesign, carpentry, forestry/tree pruning, etc. It makes it easier for me to give them a variety of jobs if they have skills and of course makes them more desirable if they have a skill I need. I’ve tried using the search function but because the info wwoofers are giving is so slim it’s been hard going.

      I realize this is an evolving process. Thank you for responding so quickly to feedback.

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    WWOOF Webmaster

    Brett & Leonie – to change your Password, go to the My Profile menu link at the top of the page. Then select the dropdown – Settings. There you must put in your existing password, then put your new password in twice. Save and you’re done.

    To Renew, go again to My Profile menu, in the dropdown menu the last option is “Renew”. Just click that, choose your Renewal Membership, and pay by Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

    Make sure you read the intro text before renewing, so you know what to expect.

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    G’day we have just joined Wwoof and so far we are both finding the experience very negative having trouble with the web site finding it difficult to navigate and use we have left phone messages for help and don’t get a call back we get no answer when we ring in the times you say is the office hours. Lets hope thing improve in the future we are also with Helpx so dealing with type of thing is not new to us.Sorry for the rocket hope the feedback helps you to lift your game. John

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    WWOOF Webmaster

    Patricia and John, I suspect you joined on Melbourne Cup Holiday. Office was closed. Your messages will be responded to.

    Have you checked out the FAQ Videos? If so, what are you finding difficult?

    Filling out your Profile fully is probably the most challenging part of the new member exercise. Once that’s done, it’s basically a “set and forget” .. then you just use the Search pages, Noticeboard and Forums.

    If your payment hasn’t been fully processed, your account is limited and will appear like you can’t get anything done. The WWOOF Office will tend to it today.

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    we didn’t join on Melbourne cup holiday it was the Friday before.And the only thing that has happened in a reasonable amount of time is our money was taken quick smart. Could you tell me why on the location map our location icon is in red and there is a green icon as well on the map no where near us. I cant seem to get rid of the green icon. Thanks a frustrated John

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    WWOOF Webmaster

    John, on the Map at the bottom of your Profile the following markers are:

    Red = the address you entered when you “Set Your Location” – anyone who visits your Profile ONLY sees this marker.

    Green = your Geo-Location – this is a combo of Google Maps and your Web Browser attempting to say “this is where you really are” … relevant on a mobile phone, but on a PC it usually comes from your Internet Provider source or if you’re logged into a Google account, it’ll detect you by various means. ONLY you see this marker, no-one else. So you can just ignore this.

    on the Map Search page, the icons are as follows:

    Red – Host Farms
    Green – WWOOFers
    You – Blue

    I was speaking to the WWOOF Office yesterday and yes, they are swamped with messages and a staff member isn’t well, so they’re a bit snowed under atm.

    Hope this helps

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    WWOOF Webmaster

    We’ve updated the List Search results page to show more info at a glance when searching for Members.

    For WWOOFers we’ve added:
    Language they speak:
    Skills I would like to learn:

    For Host Farms:
    City/Town: (so Hosts fill the City/Town field in your “Edit Profile”)
    Farming Methods:
    Accommodation type:

    We understand from Host feedback they would like more detailed information on the WWOOFers. We are considering adding more “questions” for them to fill out, such as their current Skillset/Qualifications/Achievements etc, limitations, competencies …

    Ascertaining exactly where a WWOOFer is, is not so easy. They are a transient folk. Getting them to fill in their “Location” everytime they move is unrealistic, and we don’t display their address info we collect at signup because they are more often than not in a foreign country at time of signup. Thus, they must use the “Set my Location” feature if they want to be found. We will be encouraging this.

    We’ll post a new article under “News” explaining this and other upgrades as we go.

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    Patricia Bullen

    Hi – I am new to Woofing and although the website looks nice it is not very useable when searching for hosts.

    I do a search for hosts and a selction appears. I then go into the profile for one of the hosts and when I have finished reading and click on back it does not take me back to the search results but to the new search starting point. This is very frustrating and making the whole process super slow and cumbersome. I am very disappointed and feel like giving up.

    I am not very happy with my Wwoofing experience so far. I have also emailed many hosts but have not had one single response from anyone. Is this programme really fuctioning effectively?

    Many Thanks


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    Patricia Bullen

    When I do a search through the list search, find a host and send a message, then hit the send button – nothing happens. It oes not send. This is terrible.

    When I search for a host using their name in the map search section – nothing happens…

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    Patricia Bullen

    When I type a word into the search bar in the map search section – it brings up results that don’t have this word in at all. Making this function completely useless. Am I the only one having these problems? I am shocked by how poor this process is. I feel totally let down and cheated. What’s the money going towards?

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    Patricia Bullen

    When I am typing messages to hosts and hit the return key to create a new paragraph the message sends… this isn’t good. I have sent so many half messages.

    I read the reply from the webmaster above who explained this by saying it was a chat messaging system which is why this was set up. In reality it is NOT a chat messaging system. A chat messaging system is when two people are online at once and are chatting spontaneously backwards and forwards. It means that both people would know that the other person was online and available to speak before starting a conversation.

    It is quite obvious that on the Wwoof website what is actually happening is that people are sending messages/mails to each other and waiting hours/days for a response. I think it would be better to remove this ‘return and send’ function. As a Woofer I am trying to present a good impression of myself by providing digestible pieces of information by using paragraphs and not sending half messages. It is absolutely an automatic process for everyone who uses computers to hit the return key to create a new paragraph. It is automatic to typing and to try to get people to stop doing isn’t going to happen… sorry.

    I appreciate you are trying to make Wwoof better through this website and that is great. But as a Wwoofer I totally feel like giving up. It is so unuseable. Sorry πŸ™

    So, far I have posted a message on the forum stating my availability and have sent many messages to hosts. I have had no responses. At first they were all personalised but I cannot do this anymore as it is too time consuming when I am not getting any responses.

    My main issue is that when conducting a search you cannot go back to search results after looking closer at a profile. You have to do a new search every single time, going through the same slow steps and slow page reloads just to get to the information you already had before, and then you have to do it all over again, and again, and again…

    Please, please change this as quickly as possible, please….

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    Hi People..Scott here..My lovely missus Ann has given her views..I thought I would give mine …

    Does anyone else wonder why a single guy built a website and set up a worldwide hosting success story like Helpx by himself with over 8000 hosts in australia already in a few short years…?…Short answer ; its a very simple ,user friendly and very dynamic website..I’m convinced that too many people build websites for themselves and their clients without a true understanding of their target market..

    For example,within seconds of logging on to Helpx..I can very quickly see if I have any messages,I can have an idea if his information is likely to be current because it shows when he last updated..I can see if he was being selective by sending an email to us or if he sent the same or similar message 1 or 50 times and where he was sending them to (ie..did he send this same message to 35 hosts in 4 different states..)..I can see his references, if any, and whether or not he is likely to be a double booker or “no-shower”via a facility that he cant see unless I want him too..

    I can also see when he joined (ie was it just yesterday and they are still in their home country but sending out multiple emails and wasting the time of hosts..)

    How old are they..? are they an 18 year old sub adult on gap year for 5 weeks that just looking for a holiday and someone to look after them because they cant and have no money or are they a more mature person..

    And whats with the availability calendar..are we a hotel now..?..concierge waiting in the lobby..?..that will do more harm then good as I can see that not being updated and it also made lead to complaints against the host if the situation doesnt work out and they are asked to leave early(ie I was booked into this date and they kicked me out) about a “last updated” date which brings you to the top of the list as available..if you are near the bottom of the list and your last updated date was 10/7/2016 then most would assume that you are not looking for wwoofers..

    as for the “skills I would like to learn” for wwoofers ..I can see that leading to high expectations and some disappointment..(ie I booked into the farm for 3 days and wanted to learn about honey production but they made me pull weeds instead..there has to be flexibility )

    Anyway as you may have guessed I dont like the website..if I have to look at a tutorial to be able to navigate it its not simple enough..we find most people dont even bother to read the FAQ on our website….good luck but Helpx will continue to dominate this market..(hint,hint…look at their website..)

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    Rather than having a public whinge I actually sent a message via “contact us” as I felt it was appropriate, the comments I left were both complimentary but also querying other issues/problems we are experiencing with the new website.
    However this was several days ago and still not heard anything πŸ™
    So here’s my penny’s worth.

    When going to the search tab it immediately goes to hosts and obviously we are looking for wwoofers, not a huge problem just got to remember to switch.
    On the map search it asks for geolocation, slight problem there as we are on satellite and it sees us based in Melbourne, so not easy for us to use the facility ☹

    Renewal due but seriously thinking of not bothering πŸ™

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    WWOOF Webmaster

    Patricia, just quick response for now, then more detailed later. Re the searching issue of clicking on a Host, and then not being able to go back to your search results. There are “technical” reasons for this (Ajax searching) … however, if when you find a Host on the Map, then “right click and Open in a New Tab” … the Host Profile will then open in a new tab (you could open half a dozen of them at once), and then you would still have your original Search page still open with your results.

    Re the “Hit Enter to Send” … we copied the most popular Messaging system on the planet. Facebook. We didn’t think we could go wrong with that. Usually when you do it mistakenly once, you don’t do it again. I know old habits die hard … but …

    We know there are many improvements to make and we’re listening to all your feedback. WWOOF Australia have just come from 20+ years of operating a Paper based Book, which listed all Hosts in a Book. This has been a monumental jump for them in technology.

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    WWOOF Webmaster

    Cath, the Map Geo Location issue .. that’s why we encourage you to click the “Set Map Location” button … as it then asks you for an address/location of your choice (not determined by browsers or location devices) … then, and only then, will you show up on the Map.

    Re the default to Hosts … we had to choose one or the other … and for the last 20+ years WWOOF has been all about WWOOFers searching for Hosts, not the other way round.

    For 20+ years WWOOF has only offered WWOOFers a database (in book form and later a basic App) that ONLY listed Host Farms.

    The change in paradigm of Hosts now searching for WWOOFers is a new concept to WWOOF Oz and is now on our “to-do” lists to improve that ability.

    The WWOOF Office has been inundated with emails and requests from existing Host farms getting their Profiles setup. Literally swamped this last 30 days since launch of this new website/system. It’s been a huge change for the Office and the existing Host Farms. That’s a “no excuse” for no reply to your email as yet πŸ™‚

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    Thank you for your reply, much appreciated and we fully understand you must be run off your feet.

    We have already set our location when we first changed over to the new site, had no problems doing that as we are very prominent on Google maps and have done this numerous times for other applications including government sites. So yes we are marked as a host in the correct location.

    This is our problem – when we go on the search tab to map search it unfortunately sees us as based in Melbourne so only shows wwoofers in that area. We have to manually move to our location then look around to see who maybe close.

    I hope I have explained sufficiently our issue.
    Many thanks, Cath

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    Patricia Bullen

    Hi – thanks very much for the response. The advice to create a new tab when looking for hosts is wonderful – thank you.

    I really appreciate all your hard work to provide such a valuable service. Thank you

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    We’re feeling a bit bad because we have had Wwoofers contact us to come and volunteer and we had no idea they had left a message on our message page. Previously we would get an email message to notify us that someone has made contact so we could contact them back directly. Can you please bring that back?
    Unfortunately these people have probably moved on because we hadn’t replied.
    When we are in the message section and we try to click on the persons profile it wont take us to that person so we can read their profile. That’s a bit annoying because then you have to make sure you have the extra time to sit and find that person using the right system.
    On a positive note we like the feel and freshness of the site. Plus the communication section on the home page which gives you a brief on who has put something up is helpful.
    The forum is easy to use and the layout is good.
    Fiona and Paul

  • #31828

    WWOOF Webmaster

    Fiona and Paul, yes we’ve fixed the View Profile button in Messaging. Now when you click it you will visit the Members profile that you’re messaging with.

    Notifications for a New Message are coming. We’re still putting the finishing touches to the new Mobile App, which ties in with all the Website features, and Notifications are an integral part of that … so when the App is launched we’ll also have full Message Notifications on the website.

    Thanks for your comments πŸ™‚

    • #31831

      Thanks for the feedback so soon and it’s great seeing how quickly these things are getting sorted.
      This is a fabulous system beneficial to WWoofers and Hosts.
      Thanks again
      Fiona and Paul

  • #31829

    WWOOF Webmaster

    Cath, great point re your Marker showing up your Geolocation instead of the Location you set in your Profile.

    The “Near by me” function was designed for WWOOFers searching whilst on the move. Usually via their laptop, tablet or phone.

    However, we’re having a discussion whether to change it to use your Set Location … which would encourage WWOOFers to actually set it if they wanted the “Nearby Me” search to work efficiently for them.

    I can see the future of this site is to customise it more for Host farms searching for WWOOFers, instead of only WWOOFers searching for Hosts. This will include more WWOOFer info they need to fill out (re Scott’s suggestions) and Search pages specifically for finding them.

  • #31844

    Thanks for the reply, yes several years back the wwoof site would have been mainly wwoofers looking or posting. Unfortunately it is now hosts looking for that extra hand.
    Many thanks.

  • #32028

    WWOOF Webmaster

    More Updates to the site.

    1. Removed All from the Noticeboard “Select Region” box, to encourage users to select a State … Vic, NSW etc. Makes searching more effective.

    2. Added the ability to enter a preferred contact method on Notices … email or phone.

    3. Last Active: is now visible on everyones Profile and appears in Search Results on the List Search page.

    4. More questions for WWOOFers to fill in their Profile. Age and Current Skills. These will be included in Search boxes as WWOOFers fill them out.

    5. Included background colors to make it easier to see the “questions” when Editing your Profile.

    Still to come: change the way the Map displays “your” location when you’re viewing the map, and message notifications.

    Thanks for your patience and feedback xxx

  • #32029

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  • #32031

    Still having issues with activating the profile of a person in the message section. When I click on the persons picture it will not take me to their profile so we can learn more about the person.
    Also we have received no response to messages we have sent back to people in our message section. We would like to think the 10 people we replied to would have sent a message back. We are worried that we are missing opportunities for workers visiting us.
    Keen to have this fixed please
    Fiona and Paul

  • #32048


    Good on you webmaster…!…it seems you are listening to the needs of hosts and trying to improve and add features to the site ..
    Nice work, keep it up..(I was going to insert a smiley face here but cant see that feature)..

    cheers scott

  • #32063

    David Chandlee

    Terrific! I believe it has already brought me many more wwoofers than is usual for this time of year. Via the gallery, you can show to the ‘visual generation’ what they had to visualize in their minds formally: what your farm is really like. Thanks for finally getting onto this essential!

  • #32095

    Peter Kelly

    It’s not. No activity. Only two wwoofers in over a year.

  • #32120

    Patricia Bullen

    Absolutely terrible – I am a Wwoofer and I don’t think my messages are getting through and I don’t think messages are geting through to me.



  • #32123

    WWOOF Webmaster

    Fiona & Paul, when you are in a conversation with another Member, in other words when you have clicked on their conversation on the left hand side … you will see a button near the “Attach image”, “Send” buttons called “View Profile” … clicking this button will take you to their Profile. (right click it and Open in a new Tab), so you don’t lose the Message page you’re on.

    Message Notifications is sorely needed, and I think this is the reason for people not replying to messages as yet. This feature is coming.

    Also, keep an eye out over the next week for an entirely new Search Page. It will feature searching specifically for WWOOFer related terms or Host related terms … making it a lot easier for Hosts to find WWOOFers.

    Smiley faces … just type colon close bracked πŸ™‚

  • #32125

    Dear Peter Kelly. May I respectfully point out that it may help you if you put up a profile pic which displays a little more decorum. Most of the females we have here would be quite put off by your portrayal of yourself….just saying

    • #32142

      Hi Webmaster, thanks for the update and yes the view profile is now working for us, Yay!
      We are giving people our direct contact to help with staying in touch because we have already missed quite a few people who have contacted us at the start. We realise it does take a bit to settle in and are grateful for the new system because it is so interactive.
      Your doing a good job and love the way that you communicate with us openly
      :O) Fiona and Paul

  • #32216

    WWOOF Webmaster

    yay, the new Search Page is now active. It’s still getting some tweaking … as we have many Host Farms that haven’t logged in yet and activated their profile … so we’re trying to still show them but preferably want the Last Active and New members to show up first.

    So now Hosts can search for WWOOFers based on many search criteria and WWOOFers can search for Hosts. I hope we’re getting this right.

    Persist with the Pop-Up if it keeps popping up telling you there is a new Search Page … it’s for those who may have bookmarked the old Search Page .. and for technical reasons we can’t do a simple re-direct.

    The Search Menu – List Search – only points to the NEW search page.

    Let us know if you find any bugs πŸ™‚

    Message Notifications was coming this morning too, but has been slightly delayed. Another day or two, and you’ll have a Button on your Profile telling you, you have new Messages. Next will be a wee pop-up that will tell you of New Messages regardless of what Page you are on.

    • #32256

      It’s really good, I’ve just tried it. Thanks for all the great work webmaster.
      Its certainly getting easier to use and find people. We are now getting more people contacting us as hosts so were happy about that. More new friendships to make πŸ™‚
      It would be really good though if the problem on the message page when you press enter could be fixed. It’s such a habit to press enter without thinking. Please?
      Thanks again for creating such a savvy web-site
      Fiona and Paul

  • #32232

    Lisa and Brad

    Hey Webmaster
    I second Fiona, thanks for posting updates. All the best Lisa and Brad

  • #32235

    Each time I try to log on I have to apply for a new password, until just now and I am still using the one I was last given. It will not accept a password that I supply even with a strong rating. As anyone else experienced this?

    Also when I have replied to a wwoofer if you hit enter while typing it sends the message at that time.

    Thanks Lois

  • #32253

    WWOOF Webmaster

    Lois, you should contact the WWOOF Office on 03 5155 0218 or email .

    Hitting Enter does send the message. We’ve had a few complaints about that, (we copied Facebook messaging) and may switch it off. “Click Send” to send.

    Thanks for your feedback,

  • #32254

    Logged on today to find that 2 wwoofers had contacted me, but I received no email notification of their messages. This USED to happen with the old app, now doesn’t seem to. Seems I may have lost the opportunity to host these 2 as its been almost 2 weeks since they wrote. Disappointing. It seems a big step, but I would seriously consider scrapping the new website and finding a new web designer to work with. The forums/discussions/messaging is SOOOO complicated and cluttered, its a wonder anyone can communicate with each other. How’s about you just delete the forum and setup like an email inbox. Whats the difference between “Main forum” and “general discussions”. Why have more when less is better? You need to lean-up the website and get rid of lots of functions. Oh, and pressing the enter button in messages causing them to send is not a good default action. That’s what the send button is for. Surely this is easy to change? Please keep working on the site, I’m not ready to give up on WWOOFing just yet but surely in the current age its possible to create a user friendly, and simple, website?

  • #32259

    Peter Kelly

    I do not wish to get emails constantly from all who reply. I only need them from prospective WWOOFERs which have been few and far between. I clicked “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” below, but I am still getting them. Please action this.

  • #32260

    Peter Kelly

    Notify me of follow-up replies via email again deactivated.

  • #32388

    WWOOF Webmaster


    For now, if someone sends you a Message, whenever you visit your Profile Page, or any page associated with other Profiles, you’ll see a New Message pop-up in the top right corner.

    This New Messages popup will stay active until you read the new message.

    On your Message page, things have changed also.

    A NEW MESSAGE will be colored RED, and if you’re reading a message it’ll be colored BLUE.

    Let us know if this new feature is useful.

  • #32394

    Now that the website is really getting sorted out, can we clean up the process a bit. There are forum posts literally everywhere. I am actually surprised there isn’t one see yet.

    How can the WWOOFers find the hosts when the hosts are all over the place. How long will it go for that the forum will be working against the new messaging system? Surely these either need to be converted to the correct area as a Noticeboard Item and deleted from the forum area.

    I know the Noticeboard is character restricted. But sit down, work out how best to say what you need to get interest, and use the right medium please.

  • #32395

    I’ve had 2 inquiries by email as they said they couldn’t message us through the website

  • #32398

    Tom & Leonie
    I don’t have an issue with that. Quite a lot of WWOOFers do prefer to use this site for contact info, but then make contact direct either by email or phone/text.

    The issue is where the prospective Hosts use the forum pages – and not necessarily the same one each time – to advertise. That means WWOOFers are forced to look through all the forum posts and pages as well as the Noticeboard that we should all be using (when communicating through this site).

    It is also unsettling the sheer lack of utilisation from hosts. 340 odd on the map out of 1700+. Then there is the number with generic images. I know we cannot force people to comply, but then don’t we all want this to work. I also know that there are ‘alternative’ sites, but for us WWOOF comes with an understanding and a feeling of shared time – not just somewhere for free labour. But then that’s just what we think.

    • #32399


      I’ve actually directed them to contact us through our webpage until communication is sorted out. I’ve also heard it’s not operating well in some browsers.

      In all fairness to hosts that have not signed on, the “Launch” was pretty low key. In general, the newsletter has been fairly inconsistent over the years and I can easily see hosts that don’t have a dedicated “wwoof” email losing track of the email sent.

      There is no information in the “this isn’t a launch email” or any of the previous newsletters to let hosts know that their details aren’t in search as host details had been automatically listed in the app (or maybe they hadn’t been listed in the app I don’t use a mobile phone so wouldn’t know). I think some hosts see profiles as optional and don’t realize how important they are.

      I was at a Rare Fruits Christmas lunch the other day where my neighbor was encouraging another host to set up a profile on the website, it’ll just take time for all the bushies to get around to it. In the meantime enjoy the excessive amounts of woofers being pushed our way because there are no other hosts listed in the area. My neighbor host is over the moon πŸ™‚


  • #32419

    Ivana Mikic

    Hello Webmaster,
    I have a New Message pop-up in red on my profile but when I click on it, all I can see are old messages. Can you please fix this?
    Thank you.

  • #32422

    WWOOF Webmaster

    Ivana, when you click on the red message box, and the page goes to your Messages, you should see one of the “Conversations” on the left hand side, shaded RED.

    Please let me know if this is the case or not.

    Red shading means its a new message.

    Blue shading means that’s the conversation you’re reading (clicked on)

    I’ll send you a message too.

  • #32423

    Ivana Mikic

    Thank you, Webmaster.
    I haven’t received any new messages that I can detect including from you. The only conversations on the left-hand side shaded red are the ones that I haven’t responded to (most of them about a month old).

  • #32424

    WWOOF Webmaster

    All sorted Ivana, you just have to click on the Red ones so the system acknowledges you have read those older messages. Good to see it’s working.

  • #32579

    Patricia Bullen

    Hello there – I think there are major messaging problems with this site. I have been messaging hosts through the messaging system and some people have not been getting my mails. I know this because when I then post a message on the Notice Board or Forum saying I am looking for a Host near Sydney they then message me. I reply but then I get no response – so they aren’t getting my message.

    I then started to contact them directly through their email address and then this works – we are able to start having conversations. They say they have been messaging me but I have not been responding and I say the same. I am now resorting to only contacting hosts by sending them emails to their own email account. But unfortunately many hosts have not put this information on their profiles.

    I think this needs to be rectified asap, it’s a major problem which has caused me a great deal of difficulty for the past month. I have missed out on hosts and they have missed out on Wwoofers. Now I know what the problem is I can email people but it has taken me a month to work this out.

    When I landed in Australia a month ago I raised the issue of no one responding to my messages on this forum – but it looks like this problem was not looked into. Now I have definite proof that there is a problem, can we have a look at it please.



  • #32605

    Julie Dickie

    When I load this page my browser brings up this message
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/gw-firechat/firewwoof.php on line 35
    It doesn’t stop the page loading but there is obviously something that needs to be corrected. I haven’t loaded any other pages so I don’t know if it is prevalent through the whole of the site.

  • #32611

    WWOOF Webmaster

    Julie, fixed that issue, thanks for pointing it out.

    It only occurred if you had no Conversations going.

  • #32612

    WWOOF Webmaster

    Patricia, we have been monitoring your forum posts and attending to issues you raise.

    The Messaging system doesn’t send any emails at all, thus if someone isn’t replying to a message you sent it’s because they’re not checking their messages on their Profile.

    We’ve just implemented a Notification that pops-up when you log into the wwoof website, letting you know if you have new messages.

    We’re in the process of getting the new Mobile App finalised. Once that is launched then we’ll be looking at whether email notifications for Messages is relevant. Hopefully we’ll be able to instigate a tick-box system the same as this Forum … where you can tick if you want an email notification or not.

    Some wwoofers are using the Messaging system as it was originally designed to be used … as a Chat system. Thus they’re chatting back and forth in short bursts. We wouldn’t want to implement a site wide Email notification for that use, otherwise you’d receive 20 emails just for one conversation.

    We will keep you posted via Forum and Blog/News as to when and whether we roll out Email notifications.

  • #32613

    Mandy Holmes

    I can’t put photos in my Gallery?

  • #32632

    Good evening Mandy & Didier we have created 30 second videos for you in the Host FAQ’s here is the direct link for you as this might help to see it done visually.
    Just cut and paste this or go to the Host Info button up the top, in the drop down box you will see FAQ’s 7 Videos.

    Let is know how you go


  • #32635

    Lisa and Brad

    Hi Webmaster
    Whilst a new host I have been actively using the WWOOF portal for a couple of weeks now. I have found WWOOFERs responses may be brief however they are generally only sporadically online checking their message/mail and then replying when they have access to internet. I prefer to have an email alert (similar to gumtree) when someone sends me a question or response…even if its a generic you have a question or correspondence waiting alert. I find I need to check the WWOOF portal every day to see whether WWOOFers have responded or new ones seeking to stay. The red box is good but I prefer an external prompt. thanks Lisa
    Also I am probably more interested in accessing via the web based system rather than the mobile app so would be great if both platforms continue to be developed as time progresses.

    • #32693


      I agree totally. Web based with an external prompt is the way to go. We rarely use our mobile, never use the app. The technology and Wwoof Australia employs need to be friendly to hosts not just wwooofers. I don’t know how other sites manage to send out an email but they do.

      I really suggest that the webdesigner join a few other organizations and see how they organize their websites, contacts, searches, etc. and look at their coding. This is very different from a common tourism, ecommerce, booking site. It feels like this site is reinventing the wheel on a limited budget and it would streamline the process if you looked at how other sites like Helpx, Workaway, Working Traveller, etc are running and what features are available to hosts. Right now this site is still extremely slow to load and in regards to features is on the primitive side. I’m not sure what the “design brief” was but it needs to be fleshed out.

      We enjoy being Wwoof hosts but it really is time to get the technology right.


    • #32695


      PS it would be nice to be able to edit spelling mistakes. I meant to write “the technology that Wwoof Australia employs”

  • #32708

    Lisa and Brad

    I tend to notice when you click on a WWOOFer’s website link it takes you there without opening a new tab. This means I need to back arrow to get back to the WWOOF portal to keep viewing or to log out.
    Are we able for any links within the site to open in a new tab?
    many thanks Lisa and Brad

  • #32771

    Hi Ann you can make any changes to the Post by clicking the Edit button if you happen to go back and read what you typed and see any typo errors (right hand top) you actually have these options –

    WWOOF Office

    • #32788


      Hi Lynette, I don’t have those options in “Reply”. I took a screenshot snip of what I get but can’t upload a file to my reply. You may have different options as an admin.


  • #32773

    Tess and Lloyd

    Dear WWOOF
    the short answer to your question is “Not good at all”.
    I have just been trying to search for wwoofers’ profiles by their number, their name etc to no result.
    It is so slow, and clunky! Especially the search section.
    I am at wit’s end to try and make it work for me. How much time wasted….
    Surely an International organisation can do better than this. On the positive side, it is certainly better than the previous system, and we are getting a lot more wwoofers communicating with us. Hopefully the site is still a work in progress, so please keep tweaking the site to improve it, do not leave it as is, or I will have a meltdown.

  • #32803

    Hi Ann and Scott,

    Shane says: Re the Forum and editing your Post. A Member only can Edit their reply for a certain time period (10 mins or so), then it locks it in and it cannot be edited.

    I hope this helps?

    Please let us know if this doesn’t work so we can check it out.



  • #32804

    Hi Tess and Lloyd,

    Thanks for the feedback, sorry you are having trouble with the search! To find a WWOOFer by their member number you need to drop the forward slash if they have one, so i17/12345 becomes i1712345 unfortunately this is a computer thing πŸ™ they think that a forward slash is part of a file path so they wouldn’t allow us to include them in the member numbers, this was the same on our old forum too. If you are searching by name, try using one part of their name only, the simpler the better, if you find 20 Johns then you can scroll through them and hopefully one will be the right one.

    We have not been able to get all Hosts and WWOOFers to log in and set up their profile, you can lead a horse to water…..Until they do it might be difficult to find them, but most new WWOOFers and Hosts are doing this when they join, so gradually it should get easier. New WWOOFers do not have a member number, only a user name, which is searchable, if they put their full name in their profile that will be searchable too.

    It is great to hear you are having more WWOOFers contacting you, we hope this continues!

    kind regards


  • #32854

    New Messaging system is coming soon!

    In response to feedback from Hosts and WWOOFers we are now almost finished testing a new messaging system. The new system will automatically email members when there is a new message, you will be able to mark messages that are important and delete old messages if you choose to.

    This will replace the current messaging system so please check all of your current conversations and mark anyone you are conversing with as a favorite, so you will be able to find them again.

    If you have any important information stored in your current messages, please make a note of this so you don’t lose it!

    We will do a short video for anyone who needs it and a forum and blog post as soon as testing is complete. We will allow 4 days from the blog and forum post to give people time to copy any important information and to follow members you have been messaging… it is a good idea to begin doing this now, so you don’t lose anything.

    Watch this space!


  • #32855

    Thank goodness and thank you!

  • #32856

    Cheryl Wiltshire

    I have finally got the site working and logged in on both computers I use! It has taken about 6 weeks. I missed the messages that a change was coming so it has been very puzzling and I have missed out on several months of WWOOFer help in my busiest period. oh well!

    It would help if the log in button was at the top of the menu list or up top right hand corner of home page as it is on most websites.

    I managed to renew yesterday but setting the map location defeats me. I really don’t want my home address up for the whole world to access but the whole system seems to be based on this premise. I tried just putting my location or road but that didn’t seem to work. Is it possible to have some level of privacy and provide actual addresses to the person you have agreed to accept rather than everyone?

    Thanks for your work on this!


  • #32859

    WWOOF Webmaster

    @wp221 … the Login button is in the top right corner. It’s bright red so you can’t miss it.

    The Location setting: just go to the Set My Location page, then click Edit Location button. Then UNDERNEATH THE MAP, just type in the “Address Autocomplete” box, the closest Town Name. Suggestions will then appear under where you’re typing, just click the relevant suggestions (i.e. Bairnsdale, Victoria) and scroll down and click Save Location. All done. Then you’ll show up as in that Town … no specific address.

  • #32871

    Lisa and Brad

    That’s brilliant info – thanks. I felt the same way too but wanted to be visible to potential WWOOFers.

  • #32875

    Lots of hosts are just using their nearest town for their location, this works really well as it preserves their privacy and still gives WWOOFers a good idea of their general location.

  • #32890

    Joe (& Mick) Smith


    I like the new website.

    At the moment I see only one minor display error. The name of my property on my profile page doesn’t display the apostrophe, but has: Bro Joe' s Space, that is a ‘'’ instead of the apostrophe.

    best wishes

  • #32891

    Joe (& Mick) Smith

    the messages does not display my problem

    I can’t attach an image.

    the apostrophe in ‘Bro Joe’s Place’ displays as an ASCI? code: Bro Joe & # 0 3 9 ; s Space

  • #32902

    WWOOF Webmaster

    Joe, we’re working on it. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • #32937

    Hi Joe, just a quick follow up in regards to the apostrophe. I have taken it out and all looks good! Please keep the questions coming, we are in the office Monday – Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm, please leave a message if it goes to the answering machine and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • #32960

    Joe (& Mick) Smith

    Hi Traci

    To me, that’s a band aid fix and it doesn’t deal with the underlying issue.

    I don’t think “Joes” looks good, when it should be “Joe’s”, but it’s only a minor issue.

    Hopefully you can fix the coding in/settings for your pages eventually.

    best wishes

  • #32989

    WWOOF Webmaster

    New messaging system is now active. Let us know any issues. You can view a quick video here:

    Joe, re the apostrophe issue, it shouldn’t be happening, but it still is. We’re working on fixing it … it’s a small persistent “bug”.

  • #32990

    Lisa and Brad

    Thanks for the update on the email alerts….but I don’t have any message conversations showing now. Can you tell me how to access this? Ie) I don’t know which WWOOFERs have made contact, what I said or what I have asked of them. Is there an option to export these?
    Many thanks Lisa

  • #33013

    WWOOF Webmaster

    Lisa, i’ve private messaged you with the solution. I trust all will now be well.

  • #33396

    Veronica Martin

    I new nothing about this new site, until about a week ago when I got an email from WWOOF mentioning this new messaging system.
    What a wonderful surprise!
    I’m not sure how wwoofers will find it but for me – I Love it.
    As soon as I filled in my profile, I started getting messages from wwoofers – yay! They have been in very short supply in my area since the government put the spanner in the second year visa…

    Anyway I like it so thanks very much for putting it together
    I look forward to being able to welcome more wwoofers to my place.

    Best regards to all

  • #33418

    Hi Veronica – thanks for your feedback! We’re glad to hear that the new website is working well for you.

    One reason for redeveloping the website was to attract more traffic in the hope that WWOOFer numbers would increase. There has been a distinct lack of WWOOFers over the past two years since the Government changed the 2WHV rules. It seems that WWOOFer activity has increased significantly since the new website went live.

    Wishing you a long and happy time as a WWOOF Host!

  • #33986

    Jane and Des

    I tried to like the new web-site, but I don’t. I am not a competent web-user and the complexities of the new web-site are frustrating, time, consuming and I’m not getting more WWOOFers!

    I want to spend time with WWOOFers in my garden, I don’t want to spend hours at my computer wishing I had a different brain.

    Sorry, just getting twitchy!


  • #34011

    Hi Jane this is Lynette fro the WWOOF Office I did send you an email to see what time what suit you best if I call so I can walk you through the website. Please call at your earliest convenience or reply to my email and I will call you.

    Best Regards


  • #34081

    Tess and Lloyd

    I am sorry but I am ready to kill someone over this disfunctional website. In future I will ask wwoofers to contact me directly and bypass the messages and forum. I have tried valiantly to like this site, being at least better than the book, but it is SO USER UNFRIENDLY.
    I am off to try Help x who at least have a good site.

  • #34101

    WWOOF Webmaster

    Tess, comments such as this are not really helpful to anyone. No information on what your real problems are.

    The message system and forums conform to basic web design principles.

    Message system: Inbox – Starred Items – Sent Items … click on a Users Profile (Message Me button) to send a message. Email alert sent to you when someone sends you a message. Visit your Inbox to view/read or reply to new or existing messages.

    Forum: pretty standard forum … create a topic, reply to an existing topic, subscribe to topics to receive email alerts when topic is updated.

    Can you please elaborate on why it is so difficult for you to use? You may help answer someone elses problem in the process.

  • #34187

    Hi Tess, this is the team at WWOOF. We are sorry you are having difficulties, please call the office at a time that suits you best as one of the staff would love to take you through the website so you can benefit from resources we have developed. WWOOF Australia is very proud that we are staffed and can assist our members at all times.
    Respectfully Lynette

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