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    Hi guys I’m new to the website but finding it hard to find woofers looking for hosts page and is there one for each state like old website,sorry if this appears to be dumb on my part .

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    Mini Felber

    It’s under forums – Host farm wanted. It doesn’t appear to be by state.
    Cheers, Mini

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    Thank you but can only find two woofers, I rang before I joined and was told it’s alot better, must be looking in wrong place

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    Hi Debbie I know this was answered over the phone but I thought I would answer this in case someone reads it.

    To Search for WWOOFers, once you are logged in go the Search Button along the top in the drop down menu you will see List Search, here you can search by various fields.

    List Search

    You can also find WWOOFers looking for Hosts on the Notice Board also in the drop down Menu under Search

    You can also put a Post in the Forum check out what other Hosts are doing

    Happy Hosting and don’t forget the Team at WWOOF are only a phone call away 03 5155 0218



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    Having the same problem here…. Difficult to navigate.

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    Yikes! I thought this was a host to host forum. How did a wwoofer hack in here?

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    Linda Deseck

    Yes, I assumed Wwoofers can’t get on this section too! Isn’t it for only Hosts to be able to talk to each other?!

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    Sorry! This is my first time to visit this web! Sorry to bother you!

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    Hi Chienwen, How were you able to access this forum? Is it visible to you? It’s not your fault, it’s a new website and perhaps something isn’t working properly.

    Good luck finding a host. If you post in the “wwoofer’s looking for hosts” section you’ll have better luck finding one.


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    Kerry McGovern

    I am a new host. I have been contacted by two WWOOFERs seeking to stay for seven days. They have provided their WWOOFER numbers. Is there a way I can search their numbers to find their profiles? I’ve searched for them by name but have produced no resulsts.
    Keen to see who they are before replying.
    Kind regards

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    Hi Kerry,

    If you know a WWOOFers member number name or username, then you can find their profile very simply by using this URL and adding their member number or user name at the end, old WWOOFer numbers, pre October 2017, usually look like “i17/12345″ the forward slash needs to be removed, so you would use i1712345 instead, so would take you straight to their profile.

    For example your profile is at

    You can also search for WWOOFers by the number or user name or name in a List search, (again remove the forward slash from WWOOFer numbers) The simpler the search you do the better, if you are searching for a name, try just the surname or first name., then scroll through the WWOOFers that show up in the search list.

    I hope this helps!


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    Hi Ann, I’m not sure how that happened!! Very odd! I will see if we can work out what went wrong, WWOOFers shouldn’t even see that the Host to Host Forum exists…. Can you see the WWOOFer to WWOOFer forum?

    thanks for your help


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    I want the old web-site back!!!!! Too many difficulties and complexities!!!

    The simpler web-site was much better!!!

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