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Hi Sarah,

Thanks for posting this. WWOOFers do occasionally ask if it is possible for them to go WWOOFing with their dog. It is definitely possible. You’ve done the right thing on your profile page in posting beautiful pics of Maggie and describing her personality. Hosts will now be able to see and read about Maggie when they look at your profile. I guess most of them will be a bit cautious, though, because she’s a young, high energy, slightly unpredictable creature – not a mature, sedate, perfectly trained one.

There are several reasons why a host might not take a WWOOFer who has a dog, which I’m sure you understand. Many of our hosts have working dogs or house dogs on their property. Their dog may not like having another dog in their territory. Or they might love it and “go bush” with your dog, never to be seen again! Safety of children and of stock (chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, etc) may be another reason. Or, they might just not be “dog people”! (Unusual reason that one, I’m sure.)

I see that you’ve posted an advert in the “Hosts Wanted” forum. Have you had any response at all?

Good luck & let us know how you go!

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