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Hi Tess and Lloyd,

Thanks for the feedback, sorry you are having trouble with the search! To find a WWOOFer by their member number you need to drop the forward slash if they have one, so i17/12345 becomes i1712345 unfortunately this is a computer thing 🙁 they think that a forward slash is part of a file path so they wouldn’t allow us to include them in the member numbers, this was the same on our old forum too. If you are searching by name, try using one part of their name only, the simpler the better, if you find 20 Johns then you can scroll through them and hopefully one will be the right one.

We have not been able to get all Hosts and WWOOFers to log in and set up their profile, you can lead a horse to water…..Until they do it might be difficult to find them, but most new WWOOFers and Hosts are doing this when they join, so gradually it should get easier. New WWOOFers do not have a member number, only a user name, which is searchable, if they put their full name in their profile that will be searchable too.

It is great to hear you are having more WWOOFers contacting you, we hope this continues!

kind regards


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