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Thankyou webmaster.

I agree that there needs to be distinction between things we can fix, and things we need to learn how to do the new way.

An example – I think something that could use a fix is that in the Noticeboard section (Under Search Menu) when I – a host from Victoria – would like to just see the WWOOFers that are available to me, I choose Vic. Except that it does not include the WWOOFers that have set their location as all. So they could in fact come to Victoria, they are just not specific, like the ones that have set Victoria. So to see them I have to set it to all, where I see the posts for everywhere – including the ALL. So can we please have it that when I choose as a host to see Victoria available WWOOFers, I see those with it set to BOTH Vic, and All.

The other example – I LOVE the new message system even tho it took me a bit to work it out. WHY you ask? Well you see before when it was through the Forum, I would get frustrated when a WWOOFer was travelling through Western Victoria looking for a host (Yay – that could be me) gets replied to by 6 other hosts from NSW or QLD telling them to go there. This way those hosts can still do that, but I don’t have to see them doing it. And ignorance can be bliss. The other thing is how many WWOOFers are our age people! We need to use a system that they understand or else they will go somewhere that does. So as long as we steer clear of #hashtags and emoticons, I am willing try this new communication style.

And, not to sound presumptuous, but are we not getting feedback on our feedback pretty damn fast here. Some websites or platforms would have us dangling forever to even get a hint that someone is listening. And here we have not just listening but OMG — Only 1 submit button — within 48 hours of a please explain.

Lets give the system a chance and find meaningful errors to poke fun at.

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