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Allan & Julie. I am not a big fan of the fact that our names were set up as our membership number by default. And for you guys with slower net speeds, why would you want to set up a cover image and profile picture that will increase the download of your own page each time you deal with it. On saying that I do like theft w can set up a picture for this, but understand the limitations.

They have obviously gone for the clean cut styling. but there is a lot of open space on the page, and even with my large display I have to scroll all over the place. The forum setup is a big issue for me, particularly where can we, as hosts, make comments on the site etc.

Not sure if it is vital to see who the last activity on the site is from, I would think that the forums info may be more beneficial. I also see the site is more about the WWOOFers, with focus on how they use the site or contact hosts, but until al of the hosts are up and happy, where is the benefit for a WWOOFer to come here. Australia is pretty damn big, and yet the map has us as 250 ish Hosts in total. Surely there is more than that.

As for the 2 buttons, no idea, I pressed submitting for the last post and it worked the same as submit.

Not everyone like change, but that is also different to not liking the changes. I do hope this feedback will go somewhere, and if we can discuss it more them perhaps some of the amendments could happen. Perhaps some feedback from hosts before the change would have meant that there would be less issues after the fact.

Thanks to everyone for at least commenting, so I don’t feel like I alone am expecting perhaps a bit more from the site.


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