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Jackie, firstly I don’t like the fact I can’t reply to your comment, rather it just coms up as another post. Hmmm frustrating if people want to expand a specific point.

Cannot see anywhere that allows for deletion of a comment. Particularly painful when you press return as you type. All of my posts start with Hi. then the next message with oops. followed by the actual message. We too have had an uptake in enquiries, but I worry that this may be due to not everyone making the change. Our first email said wait until you get the LOGIN EMAIL, which we never received, rather contacted WWOOF to get access. Also there are so few on the map it means that this great resource cannot be fully utilised. I hope too that WWOOFers use the map feature also, but not sure if they would invest the time into doing it.

No list on who has liked or followed you, you just have to keep the emails that the system sends you when they do follow you.

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