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Julie Dickie

I have found the new site to be very user unfriendly. The pages are bloated out & take too long to load. Being in a rural area I don’t have a fast connection so I sit waiting for pages to load. Considering the pages are mostly text, in this minimalist looking site, it is a bit frustrating. The forum is now broken into different links & this is also confusing. I feel the site has been made for a corporate kind of structure & this takes away from the WWOOF ethos of sharing & friendliness. My preference is for the old site. Maybe I am a bit old fashioned & don’t like change but that is probably common with WWOOF type people. The government has done enough to bring down WWOOF & I think this site is not going to help. Sorry for the gripe but I haven’t enjoyed using the new site. None-the-less I hope this feedback can help to improve things.
Allan & Julie
PS Now I have scrolled down to submit this post I see the ‘submitting’ button next to the ‘submit’ button. What is that for?

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