Welcome to the first issue of BioLogical, the united voice for organic,
biodynamic and biological farmers at a commercial scale in Australia. A
platform to reflect upon farming cooperatives broader aims and vision for
land stewardship, transition and preservation in the market place where
there is no other like it.


The BioLogical team’s collective aim is for the journal to become one part
of several mediums providing an invaluable resource for farmers, consumers
and investors to offer a platform for education, inspiration and the
opportunity towards a better world by focussing on solution-driven
conversations. BioLogical, is the preeminent voice on behalf of and for
organic and biodynamic farmers in Australia, for ethical investors, for
conscious people that are looking to be part of the change in the world they



Of course, the journal in all its forms has been in the planning stage for
some times significantly pre 19/20 Australian Black Summer bushfires,
extended back-breaking droughts and the world pandemic COVID-19. While
fundamentally so much has changed with the world, we knew the essence and
intention for an endeavour like this remains firm; be the change in the
world you are living both now and for the future.

Enjoy the read – and share widely!

(And if you are interested in being part of the next edition let us know!)

Carolyn Suggate


0448 778 074

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