Meet Debbie Chambers & David Galloway, WWOOF Australia Hosts for 6 years!

They live on a small rural property located in bush between town & beach in a alternative building, which they renovated and run on solar power, growing organic veggies & fruit. It’s a very social community with activities all happening nearby.  Debbie and David run a Sustainability Consultancy business from their property.

Since 2015 Ferart Studio has been linking art, personal mental health and community wellbeing. running exhibitions and public events and activate the community through workshops, art training and art therapy.  People also come to Ferart Studio for personal counselling and group activities to build more creative and stable places in their lives. Having stable and creative places in their lives makes them better equipped to take on the challenges of very day life.


Small rural property located in bush between town & beach. Alternative building, renovating solar powered, organic veggie & fruit growing & social/community activities all happen nearby. We run a Sustainability Consultancy business from our property, swimming, surfing, farmers markets, yoga, bushwalking all available nearby

Debbie is a trained occupational and mental health therapist using her creative and artistic skills in therapy services,  community development and public health. She works in her private practice, with community organizations and in the public sector.  This work takes her to urban, rural, remote and developing communities in Australia and overseas.

As an artist she trained in Visual Arts and completed a Masters degree researching how creativity builds community resilience and sustainability. Her art and therapy work is heavily informed by repurposing and up cycling natural and found objects using assemblage, mixed media and textiles to create a new narrative and story based on people’s lives and experiences.  Helping people build their own new and creative story  gives them a platform for them to live better in their everyday lives.

Projects and events explore how we can reduce waste, create social networks, build economic opportunity, promote health and wellbeing, and enriching communities.


WWOOFers  stay in our studio or caravan in the bush and get the cahnge to use our camp kitchen & shared meals.


Organic practices & techniques, Permaculture design practices & techniques, Gardening, Composting, Propagating, Pruning, Soil conservation, Mulching, Wild Food Foraging, Worm farming, Beekeeping, Mechanical, Using & caring for tools, Making tools, Building, Natural Building techniques, Fencing, Handyman, Bread making, Fermenting foods, Preserving & processing food


Ferart Studio regularly run courses in art and craft, how to use tools and make things, house concerts, art events.  WWOOFers can help set up and attend these courses



I spent two beautiful months at Debbie´s and Dave´s.
They have a cute caravan on the backside of their property, where the wwoofers stay, next to the camp kitchen and bonfire place, which was awesome in autumn/end of summer time, with the funky margaret river people and crazy art parties , because of the open studio fest going on!!
Chores were all sorts of stuff, like feeding chooks, weeding, helping debbie in the art studio, helping dave in the shed, creating cool freaky art and upcycling, collect kindling and different chores like cleaning in the house.
After work we used to drive to the beach and go for walks and swims, they took me to see some local musos and artists on the weekend and i met their lovely friends, i went to the buddhist place and they took me to yoga and the markets and pub.
Also they always had an open ear and were very helpful with all their kind advices about life and growing up 😉
I had a gorgeous time and am very thankful for having met these great people (and crazy dogs)….!

Thank you guys, I had a blast and am hoping to see you again + soon !!!
Big Love, Sophie (22, South of Germany)

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