WWOOFer’s Handbook – PDF


170 pages of advice for WWOOFers, funny stories from a World travelling WWOOFer about his journey and the things he learned along the way.

This book is written by WWOOF Australia Hosts, Trevor and Amanda Roberts, specifically for volunteers, particularly as a practical guide to WWOOFing.

Containing 170 pages of solid, practical advice for prospective or existing WWOOFers. Punching well above its price weight, "WWOOfers' Handbook" helps to fuse expectations and harmonise your relationship with the Hosts, eases the learning curve, and enhances the overall WWOOFing experience.

Designed to save you time and money, content covers defining volunteering and its pertinence to WWOOFing, helping you determine if volunteering is for you, what you need to do to prepare for Volunteering, finding a Host, induction to the workplace, work management and parting company. The book also contains a set of helpful resources, including advice on making your travels safer. This book is only available as a PDF document via download.

Please note: this handbook is NOT a list of WWOOF Hosts, it is for information only.

This PDF book is not available from WWOOF Agents, it can only be purchased direct from the WWOOF office in Australia.

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