We have been host members of WWOOF for 1 year now and have had 4 amazing ladies stay with us and another arriving this week. It took some time for us to decide to join the WWOOF program as we were unsure of how we would feel about strangers staying with us. We contemplated joining for about 2 years.

I can honestly say that what we have received out of this experience far exceeds anything we might have thought. The ladies have given us assistance in keeping our farm running smoothly and helping us to catch up on jobs that we just get too busy to get to sometimes. On top of all this we have also learnt so much. Sabrina from Italy, a dance teacher, started us on the road to learning Salsa, something my husband and I would not have done without her. We are really enjoying it. Elodie from France introduced us to milk on cake, helped us during calving time and was so interested in everything to do with Australia that it made us appreciate even more that we live in this great country.

Salome and Robin with their exuberance and excitement for this adventure in Australia have kept us on our toes and helped us so much during a busy time. It was fantastic to look on google and see their homes in Switzerland. Salome’s house is over 200 years old. It is hard to imagine!! On their last night they cooked us Älpermagronen. Wow, delicious. We now look forward to meeting our next WWOOFER on the weekend and can’t wait to see what we learn from her.

Overall it is hard to explain but having WWOOFers stay with us seems to increase our enthusiasm and happiness here on our farm. We get to share what we love with like-minded, interesting, enthusiastic people and they get to share with us.

Tracee & Phil Burke  WWOOF Hosts NI343

2016-10-20, 13:43

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