On the 11 of January 2014 a lightning strike started a fire that burnt my property destroying my hay reserves and rendering all my fences non-functional . At the time it started I had a young man called Seb from France staying who fought bravely to save my home and and chook house he also helped us slaughter and bury 200 of my sheep that were badly burnt. Seb stayed on for another 3 months and helped me rebuild my farm along with 3 German girls Louisa, Julia and Fran who spent the remainder of their time in Australia on this Blackened landscape in 40 degree heat mixing concrete and helping with repairs.
Although I have not rebuilt my hay shed and some of the fences are still needing attention the farm is now a living breathing healthy productive part of this planet as am I who without the wonderful company and support of these wonderful 4 people would have struggled to recover.

Thank you WWOOF and Thank you Seb Louisa, Julia and Fran to whom I will be eternally gratefull.

Howard Gadd  WWOOF Host NI010

2016-10-20, 13:38

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