We have just had a couple of delightful French Woofers Benny and Cecilia, staying with us for a week.

Last night before leaving today they got to have a really exciting experience, watching France win the World Cup for the first time since 1998 (they would only have been little kids at that time). It was a real dream for them for France to win.

I had a dream of my own. To get another sculpture completed on our place. Benny and Cecilia helped us bring this to fruition by working with us to get it happening, in amongst their work in the vegetable gardens, collecting horse poo for the compost/potting mix etc.

Just as we will remember them every time we look at the sculpture Benny and Cecilia are also destined to remember their time here with us, as a magic moment when their beloved homeland France won big time.

Great memories

Trypheyna McShane

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