Hi my name is David & I am a WWOOFer from Ireland. I stayed with my host Robin (NV277) in Inner Pocket, NSW for six weeks in August/September 2015.
The whole experience was completely unforgettable. On the property, Robin lives perched on the top of a mountain in a network of cabins & treehouses in an area of two competing ecosystems of deciduous forest & old rainforest, surrounded by beautiful national parks. The site overlooks cape Byron below & is an absolute joy to look out upon every morning – particularly to watch the sunrise over Australia’s famous most easterly point.

During my stay there, my duties included planting trees, weeding, trimming vegetation, cleaning one of the cabins to prepare for construction, feeding chickens & generally giving a hand here & there to complete various tasks as they arose. The work was always enjoyable & Robin was forever within reason with his projects.

As a host, Robin was absolutely wonderful. He is a beautiful, kind soul that opened up his amazing home to me & made me feel as though I had a home away from home. He was incredibly hospitable & always made sure I was happy & comfortable & for my 6-week stay I had my own double bedroom with incredible views of the ocean & valley below. It was truly a dream.

Robin was also incredibly knowledgable about the local area & was always happy to chat to me over a cup of tea, the history of the region right back to aboriginal times which was fascinating & really gave me a deeper & greater appreciation of the land I was on.

The whole hinterland of the Pocket & Byron Bay, to me, must be one of the most beautiful, lush areas of coastal Australia with Robins patch of land being an absolute gem that has touched my heart & I will cherish my stay there for many, many years to come.

David Kiernan
2015-10-15, 08:53

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