Thanks to the WWOOF team and to all our past and present WWOOFers for allowing us to have amazing friendships and experiences with WWOOFers of all ages and countries. They have allowed my children to grow into open minded persons, who feel strong knowing how many amazing people exist in the big wide world, and strong from knowing that they can travel and be welcomed by friends in many countries around the world.
We have had parents of WWOOFers visiting us to meet us and thanks for caring for their far away daughters/sons, and we have been invited to weddings in different countries and now follow up on the next generation popping into the world. Our home is enriched with the history of so many hands having contributed to its growth, here a straw-wall rendered by Mita, there a paving by Ting-Ying, and everyday remembering Anna and Borice for the kitchen bench, or Robert and Evelyn for the tiling in the main room.
Oh, and one of the things I cherish most is the special golden book where over a hundred WWOOFers have written the most wonderful words, and if I ever get the blues, I open a page and my heart warms up immediately. If I am asked if we ever get bad WWOOFers, I always say that we always get either good ones, very goods or amazing ones!
Thank you for ever, Emmanuelle
WWOOF Host WP045

Emmanuelle Daw

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