Dear Kelly, William and Vincent, Thank you very much for accepting my staying request on WWOOF. It was such a pleasure for me to stay on your farm for two awesome weeks. Kelly, I really loved talking with you while working in the garden each morning, you are such a heartwarming person and often put a smile on my face. You also made me think more about myself and questioning thins I did or feelings I had.
William, thank you for explaining so many things regarding horses and their body language. It was really interesting for me to see the improvements of Aslan and Strider every single day. I also really enjoyed watching you working with the horses.
Vincent, thank you for being so open to me and for welcoming me into your house. It was much fun talking to you about any topic, cooking and eating together or trying to catch all horses on the first day I arrived!
I had such a great time at Boraning and would love to see you all again one day, maybe in Austria. Who knows? Thank you all for everything you’ve done for me, I really appreciated that, Hugs, Flora Eilmer, 13/2/202 PS I loved ‘Telly- night”!

Kelly Newton-Wordsworth

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