Luke is our first Wwoofer to come to our home and what a wonderful person to have sharing part of our lives. We are at the commencement of creating our potager gardens and have been so fortunate to work with Luke in creating this. Luke is incredibly hardworking diligent and jumps in to help so so often taking the initiative…but apart from this which we are so grateful for having the help Luke is a wonderful warm person ..quietly spoken generous natured and has a sense of fun.Luke has quickly became part of our family life and we are privileged To call him a friend.. we wish him all the very very best on his travels and hope one day he will come back to see what has been created and the enormous foot print he has added to our farm. We plan to stay in touch..if this is the experience of having a travelling wwoofer then I would encourage others to consider never know who you will meet along the way…we are so very happy to have met Luke…all I can say is Thank you Luke!! You will be missed and we hope to continue our friendship ! Thankyou wwoofer program as you have been the vehicle to have met Luke

jane delaney-john

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