Hello, I’m an Italian WWOOFer in Australia and I want to share my wonderful second WWOOF experience.
I found on the book the host VG097. Peter and Jennifer live in Bendigo (VIC) in a nice property where they grow organic vegetables and chickens. After a quick visit I decided to stay with them for 3 weeks. The accomodation was great, a clean room with a big bed and a personal toilet and bathroom. I couldn’t ask for more.
They were very pleasant, Jennifer is a good cook and she surprised me almost every day with something new, always organic food. Peter is a very nice guy able to do basically everything. Mainly I helped him in his conservation property with fencing and collecting seeds, but I did a lot of other things too like planting trees, making a garden bed and more, I never got bored. During the free time Peter bring me to interesting meetings about conservation in Australia and one of these meetings was focused to find the Plain Wanderer, a very rare endangered bird. We found the bird so I was very lucky to see one of them and all the team was very happy. I also had many rides on the mountain bike tracks around Bendigo, using one of the Peter’s bikes and at the end of my stay in Bendigo I got the bike as gift.
I recommend to everyone to have few weeks with Peter and Jennifer, they are lovely people. I hope I’ll meet them again in the future.
P.S. Their dog, Derek, needs a lot of attention, she’s a very funny dog!
2015-04-27, 14:12

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