My name is Benjamin, I just returned home to the US from a 5 month holiday backpacking around Australia. I became a WWOOF member ahead of my trip after hearing about the organization on previous travels. I only ended up using my book one time during the trip as my expected one week stay turned into a wonderful month at Rogin and Linda’s (Hosts QT018).
I felt so welcome and comfortable, it was an awesome experience with lovely people at Taylorwood. Working with Rogin was great, every day was something different and I certainly learned a lot. He even took me on a few day trips doing different things like working on a catamaran, attending a council meeting and flying his airplane.
Linda was very motherly and caring surprising me with treats, making sure I always had everything I needed and even sending me to the salon for a haircut! I couldn’t have imagined a better WWOOFing experience than I enjoyed at Taylorwood. They even provided me with a car to explore the beautiful Whitsunday area and also surprised me with a trip out to beautiful White Haven!
Rogin and Linda were absolutely wonderful, period! Thank you for the awesome opportunity to meet amazing people like the Taylor’s and be able to spend time in foreign places on a backpacker budget. I will definately recommend WWOOFing to my fellow travelers, especially making a stop at Taylorwood!


Benjamin   WWOOFer i14/10333
2015-04-21, 10:48

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