With a background in environmental science, I am keen to learn and get involved in organic farming, Australia is renowned around the world for their sustainable agriculture and rise of permaculture practices. I was backpacking around Australia for three months, not only did I want to see the bright lights of the cities, I also wanted to go out into the country side and see the wild side of Australia. WWOOFing provided an alternate travelling experience, meeting real Australians in their native country side habitat. Their kindness and generosity renewed my faith in the human race. Their willingness to teach and share their passion for organic farming and sustainable agriculture gives me hope that change is happening and we all have to play our part if we want to see and be the change in the world.
Living in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada my backyard gardening skills were limited. I’ve been to 5 vastly different hosts/properties in 4 states and I’ve learned so much more than I could ever hoped. Its been a life changing experience which motivates me to go back to Canada and practice what I’ve learned and share this infectious enthusiasm that all organic farmers have for their trade. Its been an amazing journey and I highly encourage anyone who is even remotely interested to try and give it a chance!Check out my video about WWOOFing in Australia:

Candy Tsang  WWOOFer i16/16077

2016-10-20, 13:39

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