Dearest Allara and Iolani, Please keep the little torch as a reminder of the special time we had; and may we have more in the future. Your coming was a welcome change to my normal routine. I was so deeply blessed. The help you and Mary gave me saved so many days of labor for me. It was huge! Lady Wisteria is in her new home now and has had three hours of the sprinkler bedding her down. May she be blessed with new life and flourish for many, many years to come. Kelly came out this afternoon and he did a great job, and took probably half an hour to do the transfer… so good! tow days ago I asked the Water Nymphs for good steady soaking rain to revitalise the earth here, and yesterday afternoon and today it has been very overcast with little sprinkles from time to time so I give thanks in anticipation of the rain to come. All my love, and hugs to you and Iolani. Thank you Host Joan

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