I can’t say enough positive things about my WWOOF’ing experience with Gina and Andrew. As this was my first time, they have set the bar incredibly, maybe too high :), for WWOOF’ing in the future. I consider myself so fortunate that Gina and Andrew accepted my request as the memories I gained from my time with them will stay with me forever. They are truly remarkable people in so many ways; personalities, knowledge and talent in so many areas, passionate. and a genuine interest in people to name a few. They were always looking for things to teach me and were patient as long as you put in the effort. Both Gina and Andrew are very hardworking and rightfully expect their WWOOF’ers to come ready to do the same. As long as you come with that mindset, this too will be an experience you will eagerly share with friends and loved ones and also fellow WWOOF’ers looking for an amazing and unforgettable experience. Thank you again so much Andrew and Gina for inviting me into your home and giving me the best possible WWOOF’ing experience. See you next time and I promise, I’ll bring Tenley 🙂 Miss you guys! By WWOOFer Ryan Murdock

By WWOOFer Ryan Murdock

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