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    Our farm is a mixed cropping, and grazing property set in a stunning valley in the foothills of the Richmond ranges National Park. We grow ginger, turmeric and garlic, along with vegetables, berries and a mixed fruit and nut orchard.

    Our animals include a small Jersey dairy herd, a few beef cows and five steers for meat. We also have five heritage breeding sows and a boar, and currently piglets. In addition we have poultry, five runner ducks and a drake for eggs, and 13 baby young ducks for our future flock. We have a mixed flock of 15 chickens that produce gorgeous eggs daily. Finally, we have 13 guinea fowl, noisy, messy and often down-right annoying, but they eat ticks and keep snakes away.

    Other animals, we have two beautiful ginger cats for vermin control, mainly in the sheds, a cute and very naughty smooth-haired fox terrier, called Eddie, and a beautiful, loveable and majestic livestock guardian dog, a one year-old Maremma, called Baci.

    Organic/Biological methods we use

    We farm using biodynamic methods. We are in the process of qualifying to apply for organic and biodynamic in-conversion status.

    Our farm has had its soils tested and we can confirm that there were no herbicides or pesticides found.

    We use mainly no-till methods of cultivation, and use managed grazing, pigs, cattle sheep and chickens to cultivate and maintain our land.

    Skills WWOOFers can learn here

    Organic practices & techniques, Biodynamic practices & techniques, Permaculture design practices & techniques, Gardening, Composting, Propagating, Pruning, Soil conservation, Mulching, Animal care, Dairy, Using & caring for tools, Building, Fencing, Handyman, Cheese making, Bread making, Fermenting foods, Preserving & processing food, Marketing produce

    Courses and Events

    Sharon teaches courses on: Food making and preserving, animal care, nutrition and housing, including milking. Specific courses….

    Bread making:

    1. Beginning bread making, basic bread, pizza bases, pita, bread rolls

    2. Sourdough and specialty breads, including fruit bread. Winter classes only.

    3. Specialty Italian and French breads, including baguettes, focaccia, rustic French farmhouse breads.


    1. French patisserie: Croissants, Pain au Chocolat, Pain au Raisen

    2. Classic cakes: traditional English Victoria sponges cake, Mango layer cake, chocolate fudge cake.

    3. English traditional Christmas baking: Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, mince pies.

    Milk-based products:

    1. Butter, fresh and cultured, yogurt making, baked cream, including Cornish Clotted Cream

    2. Ice cream, frozen yogurt and specialty desserts.


    1. Beginner cheesemaking, including simple curd cheeses, whole-milk ricotta and paneer cheeses.

    2. European cheesemaking, including French, Italian and Greek specialty cheeses, which may include, Mozzarella, Feta, Brie, Edam and Boursin herb cheese.

    3. British cheeses, including Cheddar, Stilton, Cornish Yarg and other local varieties. Winter classes only.

    4. Advanced cheesemaking, including Parmesan, Manchego and Romana. Winter classes only.

    Preserving home-grown produce:

    1. Simple fruit bottling using water bath method

    2. Simple tomato preservation. Including, passata, tomato purée, bottling whole or chopped tomatoes.


    1. Classic chutneys and sauces, including Green tomato chutney, tomato sauce, exotic sweet mango chutney.


    1. Chosen from two of the following, based on seasonal availability. Seasonal jams, stunning bushfood preserves, cumquat and elderflower, berries and apple jellies.


    1. Kimchi and sauerkraut

    2. Kombucha making

    Animal Care:

    1. Caring for your dairy cow. Including, nutrition, training, health care, milking and loving your girls.

    Other courses available from time-to-time.

    Please contact for dates, availability and cost.



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    Graham Collins

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    Sharon Collins



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    2 WWOOFers

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    1-2 weeks, 2-4 weeks


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    Non-Smoking, No Children

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    Eat together, Share some meals

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    Fish, Meat



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