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Last Active: active 1 year, 6 months ago
Age: 26-35
Gender: Male
Skills I Want to Learn: Organic Practices, Permaculture/Biodynamics, Gardening, Pruning, Composting, Soil conservation, Biodynamics practices and techniques, Mulching, Animal Care, Beekeeping, Worm farming, Building, Natural building methods, Tool making, Using and caring for tools, Mechanical, Marketing produce
I joined WWOOF because I believe that we need to support organic and commercial farmers and I also would like to learn new skills. Also I want to adventure for a new experience. Learn new skills in agriculture, soil fertility and soil and water conservation and conservation of food I have 6 years experience as a part time Permaculture. I am interested in meeting people and learning skills . For me the experience I would made are more important than anything even that earning money. I’m available from 01.11.2018 01.03.2020 in China.
Last Active: active 7 months ago
Age: 26-35
Gender: Female
Skills I Want to Learn: Organic Practices, Permaculture/Biodynamics, Composting, Soil conservation, Mulching, Worm farming, Wild food foraging, Fermenting food, Marketing produce

I have a strong theoretical knowledge about soil health and organic fertilisers (I completed a PhD a couple of years ago that had to do with creating value from wastes and soil fertility) and recently have read up a lot on regenerative agriculture practices but I would like to get more practical skills. I'm looking to gain skills and knowledge from farmers through volunteering on farms and understand the challenges faced in organic farming. I really would like to understand how an organic farm works and what its challenges are to try and understand how these farming models could be more widespread. I'm currently in between jobs but in future I would like to work with the topic of sustainable/resilient agriculture, not sure how but that's what I'm trying to figure out!

Last Active: active 5 months, 2 weeks ago
City/Town: Buckland
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: Separate Building
Our permaculture project is a 70 acre farm set amongst crown land and mixed forestry in Buckland, Tasmania (Australia). Our vision is to create a working family farm and educational community to demonstrate self reliance and sustainability via permaculture design and holistic farming. Project Type: Rural, Residential, Commercial, Community, Demonstration, Educational Project Summary: This is a project being developed by Paul. Paul or Ringo as known by people within the Permaculture world has been involved in Permaculture on projects overseas as well as Australia over the past 15 years. Vision Statement: To create a working family farm and educational community to demonstrate self reliance and sustainability via permaculture design and holistic farming. A home base to connect with Scottish roots as well spiritual grounding to foster harmonious relationships and self governance to live with joy and peace to custodian the land. Aims and Objectives: •a program to build soil fertility and harvest water •to connect with community to share alternative strategies for sustainable living •education and training programs in sustainable living as well as create employment opportunities •to form and educational community based on Permaculture design to create sustainability •to create a working farm that produces an income from a variety of streams including farming, education and eco-tourism. •to implement food, fiber, energy and water production systems that support high levels of self reliance. •to demonstrate best practice in alternative technology • create a joyous family home •to become a recognized permaculture centre/permaculture demonstration farm •to have productive animal systems Project Description Values and Ethics: Three permaculture ethics: •Care of people, care land, redistribute surplus to 1 and 2. •To limit consumption of the earths resources. •Compassion for all walks of life and all sentient beings. •Integrity and honesty Mobile reception and Wifi are limited at this location. If you are addicted to Fb or internet please bring your own data. package.
Last Active: active 1 month, 1 week ago
City/Town: Murrami
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home, Caravan
We have 500 acres of Certified Organic mixed irrigation farm +250 acres of natural bushland with kangaroos & plentiful bird life. We grow mainly rice & run 500 sheep, 1 pony, 3 dogs, cats & approx. 100 chickens. We also dehull rice with a mill, mill rice flour, make rice cakes and package the rice on farm.
Last Active: active 3 weeks, 3 days ago
City/Town: Tregeagle
Farming Methods: Permaculture
Accommodation Type: In Our Home
Hi we are a commercial Macadamia farm. 10mins from LISMORE, 20mins from Byron Ballina Airport, and 40mins from iconic Byron Bay, on the East Coast of NSW, Australia.
Last Active: active 3 weeks, 3 days ago
City/Town: Rankins Springs
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: Separate Building
We have been farming on “Selby” for 34 years & introduce their environmentally friendly property “Selby” which is a 3,174 hectare Certified Organic farm, holistically managed in Rankins Springs in the Riverina of NSW.
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