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Last Active: active 10 minutes ago
City/Town: Gunns Plains
Farming Methods: Permaculture
Accommodation Type: In Our Home, Caravan
Hi there lovely travellers! Sam (37) Clara (31) and Reilly (1.5) here. While Reilly was just a twinkle our eyes, Clara and I spent 4.5 years travelling Australia in our awesome veggie oil-powered Landcruiser, searching for the most beautiful spots to set up camp and call home for a week or two. After our first 3 month tour of Tasmania, we just fell in love with the place, returning every summer for more of the same. Somehow we just knew we'd end up here. As we travelled, we gained a real appreciation for simple living and developed a taste for the best organic local food sourced from farmers markets as we went. This just helped fuel the dream of a beautiful camp to set up in permanently, and do our best at living a low impact, natural, self-sufficient, homesteading lifestyle. When 6 months pregnant, out of the blue, the bank of Dad called up and offered a loan to help make our dream come true. And we‘ve always dreamed big.
Last Active: active 16 minutes ago
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home
We have a beautiful 40 acre horse agistment property, veggie garden & fruit trees and approx. 5 acres bush. 3 min drive to surf beach, bay beach & Inverloch town or 10 min drive to Wonthaggi, a larger town. Push bikes available. We are very interested in living a sustainable lifestyle and hope that our WWOOFers are also interested in living sustainably and learning, and sharing knowledge of this. There are almost always wallabies at our farm and if you are lucky you may see kangaroos, echidnas, wombats & occasional koalas. Work may include harvesting, food collection, composting, mulching, hay carting, weeding, fencing, planting, food preservation.  Sometimes there is some work caring for horses: often all the work is in the garden and paddock maintenance, as the horses are mainly looked after by their owners. Accommodation for up to 3 in our home, although we usually prefer 2. Shared meals, cook together. We eat a healthy, sustainable diet.  Bron is vegan and while Ray eats everything, many meals are vegan or vegetarian.  Vegetarians & vegans catered for.  No children, no smoking, all stays negotiable on application. Please let us know your available dates when you apply and the length of time that you would like to WWOOF here. (1 to 2 weeks preferred).
Last Active: active 40 minutes ago
Age: 18-20
Gender: Female
Skills I Want to Learn: Organic Practices, Permaculture/Biodynamics, Soil conservation, Biodynamics practices and techniques, Animal Care, Beekeeping, Worm farming, Natural building methods, Preserving food, Wild food foraging, Fermenting food, Bread Making, Wine making
I retreat to the universe that provides, in return I give time and compassion into anything garden, cooking, repairing, recycling, caring for animals and other fellows, clearing out old mess, reviving and restoring the old and jagged. I've journeyed through some of my lowest depths so far, and I'm here - seperate from the rat race for a more profound, embodied journey. Moving forward now knowing I can grow to learn the way of nature and become one with the universal source. SO I step into the WWOOF community, liberated and ready to hear what you have to teach me. I choose to WWOOF because its a million opportunities in one, get up and get active, stimulate my mental and a chance to meet some life long mates on my way.
Last Active: active 44 minutes ago
City/Town: Angaston
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: Separate Building
Our Certified Bio-dynamic vineyard is in the Barossa Valley. Vineyard & Winery work required as well as working in the veggie patch and other gardening. Self contained accommodation on share house basis max 2 people per room (4 bedroom house) – food supplied to cook your own meals. Some meals shared at our home. No children. Mixed diet. NSI. Long stays welcome after initial trial period. We have good wifi at the cottage. The cottage is surrounded by an orchard and vege garden, There are also chooks to provide fresh eggs. There is a farm cat which does like to come inside the house if people are there.
Last Active: active 1 hour, 31 minutes ago
Age: 26-35
Gender: Female
Skills I Want to Learn: Organic Practices, Animal Care, Cheese making, Wine making
To do WWOOFing, I’d like to see people who care about natural and slowly life and then I want to know their local lifestyle, language etc. I’ve done with a farm job, but it was only for 2nd visa and money. I’d like to stay and learn more local style life. I think WWOOFing is more valuable than just working in a farm. It’s not about money, we could be closer and hope to be a part of family. One of my purpose that I’m here is getting opportunities working in a winery. Since I became a wine lover, I want to learn more and talk about wine.
Last Active: active 1 hour, 37 minutes ago
Age: 21-25
Skills I Want to Learn: Organic Practices, Permaculture/Biodynamics, Gardening, Pruning, Propagating, Composting, Soil conservation, Mulching, Animal Care
I want to learn while experiencing Australia! I'd love to meet great people and learn about horsemanship, permaculture, and any other skills they might have to share. In return I'll put in the work, AND sing/write stories/draw for you if you like! I'd also absolutely love to find the places that are special to locals. That's a large part of the point of traveling, for me.
Last Active: active 2 hours, 5 minutes ago
Age: 26-35
Gender: Female
Skills I Want to Learn: Organic Practices, Permaculture/Biodynamics, Pruning, Propagating, Soil conservation, Biodynamics practices and techniques, Mulching, Animal Care, Fencing, Building, Natural building methods, Cheese making, Preserving food, Wild food foraging, Fermenting food, Bread Making, Wine making
I did some WWOOFing in France and it's always been a great experience, in terms of learning, hearing and sharing life stories, and contributing to host's projects. With a project of shifting to farm life at some point, I am willing to get more hands-on experience, learn as much as I can and experience farm life. WWOOFing has always allowed me to meet new, skilled and passionate people willing to have a positive, sustainable impact and I look forward to more in Australia!
Last Active: active 2 hours, 7 minutes ago
City/Town: Emmaville
Farming Methods: Biodynamic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home, Tent, BYO Accommodation
I am in process of moving so land and home description unavailable at present! Wherever i end up living in the Glen Innes area I will be growing organic veg, fruits, and herbs. Raising poultry and starting a rare native plants nursery for sale at local markets. Enjoy playing music and singing/ song-writing so musicians especially welcome. Good cook, can cater for vegetarian and gluten free diets. Prefer not to use red meat due to greenhouse gas emissions. I can speak a little French. I have 2 cats ,mostly indoor now they are older.
Last Active: active 2 hours, 15 minutes ago
City/Town: Huonville
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: Caravan
Our property is an eco-tourism retreat in a large private habitat reserve, 50 minutes south from Hobart Tasmania. Lots of birds, wildlife, forest, walking tracks. Variety of tasks, including construction, firewood cutting, walking track and cabin maintenance. As Covid has reduced our tourism activity, most tasks are physical and outdoor, associated with property maintenance. Few of the tasks are cabin housekeeping, so if cleaning and guest services are your preferred main activities, you might be happier at a different property.
Last Active: active 2 hours, 35 minutes ago
City/Town: Kunghur Creek
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home
Beautiful vegan property, with unbelievable mountain views everywhere 220 meters above sea level we live completely off grid, and have 2 separate solar systems for the house and pumping water. Prefer 3 hrs work each day for all your vegan food and lovely clean accommodation. The property is like a wildlife sanctuary , as we have many families of native wallabies jumping around everywhere ,grazing on our lush grass  and so can be seen on a daily basis around our house and land.All kinds of exotic birds can be seen from the property and all photos are taken on the property. Located 10 minutes to the hippy Village of Uki, 30 minutes to Murwillumbah  40 minutes to a pristine beach, and 48 minutes to Brunswick Heads... Work includes creating vegan dishes, mulching and planting new fruit trees, weeding, maintenance and planting of  veggie gardens, house maintenance, help with food prep & many other light duties. Vegan diet offered, accommodation  is your own clean & comfortable bedroom, with use of the very clean  bathroom. Travellers that are open minded and have some kind of spiritual awareness, is always helpful. Michaela is an artist, painting wildlife with oil paints on canvas etc. & other mediums, also taking amazing wildlife photos  and practicing  yoga every day. Fast Internet is available for your use and excellent mobile phone coverage/reception. This is a vegan household. No smoking.  Initial trial stays for 3 days preferred then negotiable.
Last Active: active 4 hours, 29 minutes ago
City/Town: North Arm Cove
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home, Separate Building
We've designed & built our home with pentagon-shaped rooms (i.e. Phi/Golden Ratio). Philippa uses permaculture/organic principles & Darrall is a designer/academic. We both love musical/philosophical conversations. Our property is 1 acre of land/gardens for fruit & veggies in a very small village 10km from Karuah, on the main Sydney-Queensland bus route. Our home is 100m from Port Stephens inland sea with a small boat. There are dolphins, wallabies, native birds, and 1000 acres of walkable bushland nearby. A 20 min drive will take you to shops, beaches & sand dunes. Work approx. 4hrs, mostly gardening & landscaping projects. Accommodation in-house or in on-site cottage. Mixed meals. No children. Negotiable stays. See our FB photo albums.
Last Active: active 4 hours, 58 minutes ago
City/Town: Keilor
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home, Separate Building, Caravan, Tent
Day's Walk Farm is located just 22km from the Melbourne CBD and Melbourne International Airport by Car - it is a real Certified Organic suburban farm - though it's tucked away in a quieter part of the valley, where a cool river runs lined with red gums. I grow mixed vegetables organically and I am also part of a team that grows young farmers - see I have been at this farm since March 2015 and farming is one step at a time - a lot of work! So I could do with a hand. This is a great place for someone who enjoys working outside and cooking with a range of fresh farm produce. Work includes planting seedlings, weeding, whipper snipping, propagating, picking, some building projects and market garden work. We are currently at our peak production of the year, so it's definitely an exciting time to come and experience summer on a pumping commercial market garden. Over the next month or two you can look forward to lots of planting, picking tomatoes and meditative weeding! Accommodation is quite basic on the farm, in an old shed converted into an apartment or a cosy caravan. We use a bush bucket shower and compost toilet. The bus stop is a short walk up the hill, and using the bus and the train you can connect with Melbourne independently on your days off. The internet is accessible via hotspot for emails, for big downloads though you will have to stroll down to one of the two local libraries. (We can't get broadband internet here in the valley, yet...) I ask volunteers to work five days, taking two off. Work stops at lunch time, so the afternoons are free. However, there are also lots of books to read during your down-time, under the trees by the river. We recently bought a few board games too and we're currently installing a shed cinema and ceiling suspended day bed. I regularly get on the mat to do some yoga. Market garden work is quite physical so these activities help to balance life here. Shared meals and cooking using fresh produce from the market garden, mixed diet. No children. No smoking inside. Initial stay 2 weeks, longer stays negotiable. Cannot take WWOOFers in the middle of winter. If you aspire to be a farmer then this is good place to check out. Staying at Day's Walk Farm is certainly an adventure, not a picnic! Thanks ! ! !
Last Active: active 5 hours ago
City/Town: Carey Gully
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: Caravan, Tent
Set in the Adelaide Hills, 'Wildflowers' is a beautiful 28 acre property that has seen a 49 year history as an semi self-sufficient organic hobby farm. There is an ancient apple orchard and two house gardens, plus chooks. There is heritage bush land which is home to kangaroos, koalas and possums. 3 humans, 2 dogs, 5 chooks and 3 working therapy horses live at 'Wildflowers'. The place is set back from the main road in a secluded 'bowl' and it is like entering another world. Our facilities are basic, no frills, rough, real and lovely. We are offering 2 options for accommodation, an off grid vintage caravan in native bush, and a vintage caravan nearer the house with electricity connected. Alternatively you can bring your tent. There is a communal area for campers and Wi-Fi available at this site.
Last Active: active 5 hours, 33 minutes ago
City/Town: Nimbin
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home
Located north of Nimbin. This is not a farm as such. Rainforest regeneration is the main focus.  30 years experience in rainforest regen, degree in Environmental Science, recipient of grants from Lismore City Council and NSW govt for rainforest restoration. Former lecturer in ecotechnology for water management esp. natural methods of treating waste water on site. Mainly vegetarian with some chicken and fish. Non-smoker. No smoking inside. Classical music interest.
Last Active: active 8 hours, 45 minutes ago
Age: 36-55
Gender: Female
Skills I Want to Learn: Organic Practices, Permaculture/Biodynamics, Gardening, Pruning, Propagating, Composting, Soil conservation
I'd love to learn more about sustainability and growing food. I'm hoping to one day live alternatively, away from the rat race of cities and closer to nature and real community. Meeting new people and making new friends, learning about alternative lifestyles is also high on my list.
Last Active: active 8 hours, 59 minutes ago
City/Town: Springfield
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home
We are 80kms north of Melbourne (10 kms from Romsey) on 120 acres of rolling hills, beautiful views & wildlife. We need assistance looking after our friendly cattle, vegie patch and other jobs include collecting firewood, tree planting, weeding, mulching, fencing & whatever needs doing. Must be able to work unsupervised. Accommodation is in 2 bedrooms (with own bathroom & toilet). All linen, pillows & doonas supplied. No children. Mixed diet, including meat. NON-SMOKERS only. Min stay 3 days, negotiable after first few days. Must give WWOOF ID & contact phone number on first contact. If you are emailing us, please put 'WWOOFing' in the subject line, or we will not open the email. Can P/U from nearby train stations of Wallan or Broadford, Melbourne city or Melbourne airport. I know it can be very confusing arriving in another country so we will help on your arrival. We can also help you with advise on where to go after you leave here and how to get there.
Last Active: active 9 hours, 42 minutes ago
City/Town: Daylesford
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home
We live in Daylesford,  in Central Victoria. Our new home is only 10 minutes walk from the shopping centre,  library, swimming pool (in summer)  pubs, bars, and local Sunday Market.  We are setting up a small permaculture  garden and orchard.  Learn about permaculture and gardening by the moon. We prefer a couple or 2- 4 friends who don't mind sharing one room. You will have your own en-suite bathroom. TV and Wi-Fi. Work is 4-5 hours in the morning and includes compost making, building new garden beds, fencing, digging, weeding, pruning, mulching or landscaping.. You may like to go bush-walking on days off, or attend the local Market. Public transport (Train with connecting bus) from Southern Cross Station to Daylesford. We can pick you up at the bus stop at Daylesford. Stays of approx 4-10 days  Friday and Sunday off.  We would love to hear from you.
Last Active: active 10 hours, 7 minutes ago
City/Town: Finch Hatton Gorge Via Mackay
Farming Methods: Permaculture
Accommodation Type: In Our Home
'Platypus Bush Camp' is a small retreat offering forest hut accom & camping. We are on 20 acres situated on a pristine creek in the rainforest, bordering Eungella NP. Crystal clear swimming holes; plenty of birds, wildlife & platypus viewing. Platypus Bush Camp offers an opportunity for artistic exploration in different media including screen printing, woodwork, stone work & developing building skills for alternative lifestyles. Domestic facilities include gas & wood fire, cooking, kero & solar lighting, plumbed showers & toilets. Beautiful drinking water. Work required is help with our rainforest regeneration project, general kitchen gardening, mulching & seed collection, work helping to maintain the camping & hut facilities. Accom for 2-3 in Timber Slab Hut or tent or BYO to share meals but live self-sufficient.
Last Active: active 10 hours, 9 minutes ago
City/Town: Lismore
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home
A little garden paradise in rural Lismore, south of the Gold Coast and west of Byron Bay. Located just out of town. The garden grows mainly flowers for our market stall. We havest honey from our beehives.  Accommodation is first class and modern. Just the place for something a little different, enjoy our local rural lifestyle whilst building your knowledge.  
Last Active: active 10 hours, 34 minutes ago
Age: 26-35
Gender: Male
Skills I Want to Learn: Organic Practices, Permaculture/Biodynamics, Gardening, Pruning, Propagating, Composting, Soil conservation, Biodynamics practices and techniques, Mulching, Animal Care, Mustering, Beekeeping, Worm farming, Fencing, Building, Natural building methods, Tool making, Using and caring for tools, Handyman, Mechanical, Dairy, Cheese making, Preserving food, Wild food foraging, Fermenting food, Bread Making, Wine making, Marketing produce
I want to enjoy and know Australian's life. I am interested in Australian nature.  
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