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Last Active: active 1 month ago
City/Town: Omeo
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: Separate Building
High Valley Garden Pty Ltd - pesticide free property growing 180 varieties of veg and 82 varieties of fruit for own use and local sales in the Omeo, Vic region. The property is off grid, relying on solar and rainwater catchment. My wife and I take pride in growing almost all our own food throughout the year (with the exception of ice-cream and chocolate) and enjoy the mountains in which our little hobby farm is nestled in. We love cycling, running and bush walking and a vegetarian diet of super healthy organic food, picked fresh each meal. In our spare time we work for a non-profit helping survivors of human trafficking, as well as some gardening odd jobs around the area. We can  sign off  on your 88 days!
Last Active: active 3 months ago
City/Town: Summertown
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home
Wurrabinya is home to Ian, Harly, Mac (b 2014), Mia (b 2015), Huey and Pooch, our kelpie kids (pet dogs) and occasionally Nina (b2004). We have a 1/4 hectare block about 30 mins from the CBD, in the lovely Adelaide Hills, where we run chickens and have a range of fruit and nut, and native trees which primarily feed the local lorikeets, rosellas and cockatoos. Work for WWOOFers: Equates to 25 hours a week for full food and board and includes weed control, garden maintenance and chicken care. Accommodation: is in our house and we eat together. Ian works full time in town and Harly is busy with Mac & Mia, so an ability to work by yourself is a bonus. Very happy to host two friends and /or partners. Harly prefers women WWOOFers or a couple.
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