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Last Active: active 2 months, 3 weeks ago
City/Town: The Pinnacles
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: Separate Building
Shambhala Oasis is a 10 acre rain forest property in Northern NSW Rivers Region which is being developed as a Spiritual Sanctuary and Learning Centre. One component of the vision is Shambhala Enterprise Cottage Industries, which includes organic production of fruit, veges & bush tucker superfoods. We are at the early stages of developing this property with quite a lot of planting, watering, bush fire mitigation, and building maintenance to do. The property is also dedicated land for nature, and we are blessed with a huge range of native birds, cute bush wallabies and panoramic views. Suitable for mature honest people with a sincere interest in non violence, spirituality & systemic change who can work unsupervised and love wildlife. This is an alcohol, tobacco & other drug free space thats loosely run like a post modern ashram or meditation centre with simple plant based diet.
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