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Last Active: Active 9 months, 3 weeks ago
Age: 26-35
Gender: Female
Skills I Want to Learn: Organic Practices, Permaculture/Biodynamics, Biodynamics practices and techniques
I would like to experience Australian farm life. Growing up in a flower shop back home allowed me to get involved with Thai- tropical agriculture. My grand parents used to have a farm where they grown mango, guava, tamarind and orchid. Coming over to Australia for long time makes me miss my childhood. This is one reason why I would like to join WWOOF because I can bring back my childhood and to learn Western agriculture. Secondly, My passion in farming is to be able to see seeds that I grow by my hands go to plant and fruit and I can cook them instead of buying from supermarket. That will make me feel so proud to see what I have done fruitfully. Lastly, I personally appreciate what nature has given us and how can I reserve them to the next generation.
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