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Last Active: active 1 hour, 14 minutes ago
City/Town: Gunns Plains
Farming Methods: Permaculture
Accommodation Type: In Our Home, Caravan
Hi there lovely travellers! Sam (37) Clara (31) and Reilly (1.5) here. While Reilly was just a twinkle our eyes, Clara and I spent 4.5 years travelling Australia in our awesome veggie oil-powered Landcruiser, searching for the most beautiful spots to set up camp and call home for a week or two. After our first 3 month tour of Tasmania, we just fell in love with the place, returning every summer for more of the same. Somehow we just knew we'd end up here. As we travelled, we gained a real appreciation for simple living and developed a taste for the best organic local food sourced from farmers markets as we went. This just helped fuel the dream of a beautiful camp to set up in permanently, and do our best at living a low impact, natural, self-sufficient, homesteading lifestyle. When 6 months pregnant, out of the blue, the bank of Dad called up and offered a loan to help make our dream come true. And we‘ve always dreamed big.
Last Active: active 8 hours, 56 minutes ago
City/Town: W TREE
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: Separate Building
SIBA is a beautiful Buddhist retreat centre nestled in the Snowy River Country of East Gippsland, halfway between Melbourne and Canberra. Here we host various retreats throughout the year, including meditation - both Buddhist and secular - yoga, tai chi, health and wellness, and family week. We need WWOOFers help with maintaining and reinvigorating our spectacular 108 acres of land, which includes vegetable and ornamental gardens and a large orchard. People with skills in gardening, landscaping, outdoor maintenance or any farming or forestry background would be very warmly welcomed. Paul Brown is the Care Taker.
Last Active: active 11 hours, 11 minutes ago
City/Town: Finch Hatton Gorge Via Mackay
Farming Methods: Permaculture
Accommodation Type: In Our Home
'Platypus Bush Camp' is a small retreat offering forest hut accom & camping. We are on 20 acres situated on a pristine creek in the rainforest, bordering Eungella NP. Crystal clear swimming holes; plenty of birds, wildlife & platypus viewing. Platypus Bush Camp offers an opportunity for artistic exploration in different media including screen printing, woodwork, stone work & developing building skills for alternative lifestyles. Domestic facilities include gas & wood fire, cooking, kero & solar lighting, plumbed showers & toilets. Beautiful drinking water. Work required is help with our rainforest regeneration project, general kitchen gardening, mulching & seed collection, work helping to maintain the camping & hut facilities. Accom for 2-3 in Timber Slab Hut or tent or BYO to share meals but live self-sufficient.
Last Active: active 21 hours, 59 minutes ago
City/Town: Merton
Farming Methods: Permaculture
Accommodation Type: Separate Building, BYO Accommodation
Beautiful 300 acre farm which we run wool sheep, alpaca, house cows, horses, chickens and bees. Although we've been farming all our lives, we've only been on this farm for a few years so we are still setting up. In addition to looking after the farm and animals we are growing vegetables and setting up an orchard.  We love our farming lifestyle and are always looking to enjoy and improve our farm. Its great having people come and enjoy the farm with us and join in the lifestyle. We are keen to explore ideas such as care farming and social enterprises. We have a nice new self contained donger set up with kitchen, toilet, bathroom, aircon for you to stay in or your welcome to bring your own caravan etc.
Last Active: active 1 day, 11 hours ago
City/Town: Barretts Creek
Farming Methods: Permaculture
Accommodation Type: Separate Building, Tent, BYO Accommodation

Traditionally a 1200 acre cattle and timber property, in the infancy of transitioning to a permaculture model of farming, focusing on design and systems, we are at a stage of creating a food forest, kitchen gardens and main crop gardens, priority is compost soil development and self sufficiency.

Last Active: active 1 day, 22 hours ago
City/Town: Tullamore
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home
We are looking for up to 2 people to help feed cattle and sheep, and a handyman that would like to do some building work such as fencing. We have 1000 acres of native vegetation, 4500 acres of grazing country for farming & bee keeping, with red undulating soil. Work on our farm includes sheep & cattle stock work, farm chores, fencing, organic gardening, milking cows, tending sheep, chickens & turkeys, pruning trees and whatever else needs doing. At the moment we have some baby lambs and calves that need to be fed and taken care of. If you are interested in learning something new and getting to know what life on an Australian Farm is like, you are more than welcome to stay with us. We love to get to know different people from other countries and are happy to teach you new skills. We hope that you will have an unforgettable and unique experience with us on our rural farm in the Australian outback. We generally prefer longer stays.
Last Active: active 1 day, 23 hours ago
City/Town: Glen Forrest
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home, Tent
The HUF is an urban farm located in the picturesque hills of Perth located approx. 30 kilometres from the CBD.  The property is located on an acre of land with a vision of self sufficiency. Accommodation is a fully en-suited room with own shower and toilet within the main home. Queen sized bed with built in robes. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE ON SEVERE WATER RESTRICTIONS WHICH UNFORTUNATELY MEANS 5 MINUTE SHOWERS AND GENERAL CARE WITH WATER OVERALL WE REQUIRE YOU TO RESPECT THIS. Live produce includes bee hive, chickens, quails, aquaponics (for fish farming), mealworm farms, black soldier fly farms and worm farms. We try and make own produce on the property including preserving, pickling, dehydrating. The property has solar into the grid but we are wanting to expand to a solar stand alone battery system to run the additional aquaponic systems we want to build and install.
Last Active: active 2 days, 4 hours ago
City/Town: Jamestown
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home, Separate Building
We are Certified Organic, 660 acres, 35 acres native trees, 12 acres grapevines, 1000 olive trees. Many kangaroos. Rolling hills, great views near Bundaleer forest & the Flinders Ranges. Clare Valley wine tasting & tourist trails nearby. Work incl pruning vines & olive trees, picking grapes & olives, training vines, mulching, planting trees, weed control, some winemaking, helping at local market, yabbie farm and looking after large vegetable and fruit tree orchard. Accom in farm house or s/c unit. Children b.a. Mixed diet. NSI. Daily bus service.
Last Active: active 2 days, 14 hours ago
City/Town: Franklin
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: Caravan, Tent, BYO Accommodation
Originally from Konstanz /Germany I have moved in 2018 from Sydney to Franklin/Tasmania.I have bought 7 acres of land( which used to be a raspberry orchard,)back in February 2019. There was nothing on the land apart from a shed and an overgrown dam. 18 months and a lot of effort later, I have establish what I call my basecamp:). I am connected to the grid, have plenty of rainwater in my tanks, a fireplace which keeps me warm and a well equipped workshop. I am currently working on my cottage, so anyone with building skills is most appreciated. Looking after my  ever growing garden, my 6 ewes or making firewood for the next winter is always on the todo list:)  
Last Active: active 5 days, 20 hours ago
Farming Methods: Biodynamic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home
  I know someone who is into bio-dynamic organic farming & he's going to help me with  this new project. We are going to design & then execute a master plan for the property so it is as self- reliant as possible, we will also be using knowledge from Peter Andrews about how to turn the usually dry seasonal creek bed into a permanent year round water source, we will be doing swales & contouring of the land to slow down the water flow & to hopefully give it year round hydration that won't require hardly any extra irrigation. I already had an organic vege garden in town which was great, but the idea is to expand on that. There is a lake just next door (3-5 min drive and you are at the water’s edge), Mount Glorious Rd is also just 3 minutes away which is also a beautiful area to explore.
Last Active: active 6 days, 3 hours ago
City/Town: Yarra Junction
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: Separate Building, Caravan, BYO Accommodation
Peace Farm is a beautiful 15 acre property located in the picturesque Yarra Valley, where we are establishing a co-operative permaculture farm. PEACE stands for Permaculture, Education, Art, Community Enterprise. We run an organic heirloom varieties plant nursery and a wellbeing/events space with yoga classes, acupuncture, dance, singing, and other community events happening. We also have goats, ducks, geese and chickens. Work includes planting, caring for & harvesting crops, caring for our animals, nursery propagation, collecting eggs and general farm maintenance. Accomodation is in a basic room or caravan. We also have a beautiful wwoofer kitchen/living area with mountain views.  Delicious mostly organic food provided. Internet available. Close to public transport from Melbourne. Min stay 1 month, prefer longer.
Last Active: active 1 week, 4 days ago
City/Town: mareeba
Farming Methods: Permaculture
Accommodation Type: In Our Home, Separate Building, Tent, BYO Accommodation
‘Fruitopia’ is a 100 acre permaculture style farm of mixed exotic fruits on Granite Creek, with beautiful swimming holes & nature experience. Work includes care of trees & garden beds, orchard work, fruit drying, building & renovating. We work hard here and so can you, up to 5 hours per day. For relaxation there is an arthouse cinema, music nights, food classes or bike into town. Join us on occasional field trips. Accom for up to 5 people in house, loft, tobacco shed or BYO. Mixed diet. Min stay 6 days.
Last Active: active 2 weeks, 2 days ago
City/Town: Wyberba
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home, Separate Building, Caravan
40 ac Hobby farm on a hillside surrounded by granite boulders, situated in the Wine & Fruit growing district of Queensland. Experience sustainable living, helping with all aspects of live on a farm.
Last Active: active 2 weeks, 4 days ago
City/Town: Worongary Hinterland GoldCoast
Farming Methods: Permaculture
Accommodation Type: Separate Building, Tent, BYO Accommodation
Last Active: active 3 weeks, 2 days ago
City/Town: Shell Pocket
Farming Methods: Permaculture
Accommodation Type: Caravan
18 Acres in Tropical North Queensland with about 200 established Mangosteen trees and the start of a food forest. I am aiming at a self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle. So far I have energy, water and sewerage taken care of and am now working on Food (and fun!).
Last Active: active 4 weeks ago
City/Town: Possum Brush
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home, Separate Building, Caravan, Tent, BYO Accommodation
Our 123 acre farm has a small number of fruit trees, with an intention to create a much larger orchard with wide range and variety of fruit and nut trees and many other edible plants, including bush tucker. We are situated on the edge of a State Forest. Help with property maintenance & many fun new projects. Be prepared to dig, plant, paint, fence, garden and create,  including small construction projects using natural & recycled materials, even sculptures. It is a peaceful, relaxing and fun property. Motivated, positive and inspiring people are welcome and it would be great if you have your own technical skills to share. If not your enthusiasm will work just as well. Work includes, mulching, fencing, weeding, building, painting, planting, harvesting, mowing, whipper snipping, propagation & more. Accommodation for 2 -3, either in house or outbuilding, or if camping can be more, with use of facilities in house. Shared meals, vegetarian diet. NSI Initial stay 1-2 weeks, then negotiable. We can sign off on 2nd Year Visas
Last Active: active 4 weeks ago
City/Town: Won Wron
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home
Last Active: active 1 month ago
City/Town: Martins Creek
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home, Separate Building, Caravan, Tent, BYO Accommodation
Dean lives on 5 acres - Hosted by himself & his dog Roger. A small hobby farm, Deans Greens is a marriage of cows, pigs, sheep, chooks, ducks, geese & a worm farm. Also sporting over 100 fruit trees, nut trees & a well designed permaculture vegie garden. There is always something to do, fix, make or invent. Work includes yard maintenance, tending to & feeding animals, gardening, clearing, slashing & mowing. Dean is a musician on weekends, giving WWOOFers a great opportunity to see other parts of Newcastle and the Hunter, and be part of some quality entertainment. Accommodation for 2 within Dean's home in own room with bathroom. Swimming pool for your leisure. Full internet access. Train station 20 min walk. Must have a good sense of hygiene. Shared meals, mixed diet. No children. Length of stays negotiable.
Last Active: active 1 month ago
City/Town: Bellingen
Farming Methods: Organic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home, Separate Building, BYO Accommodation

Bush Fire Prevention Work at Bellingen MidNorth Coast NSW 2nd and 3rd Year Visa able to be signed. 

 Our little farm is nestled in a beautiful valley just off Waterfall Way only 6 Kms from town of Bellingen.   It is our families and new friends sanctuary sitting on the bend of the creek. We await your energy and laughter to intermingle with the festivities of the kookaburras and crowing of the roosters.

We are seasoned travellers and know the beautiful art of generous hospitality and making others welcome.

 Beautiful fully self contained accomodation about 60 metres from our house will be your abode.  Shared meals in main house with my mediteranian specialties. See pictures.

We have had travellers stay six months  putting on a few kilos from homebakes!!  We stay in touch with a lot of our guests and many have returned.   A beautiful gift indeed these lovely shared times and connections.

 Work includes building, fencing,  tree planting and painting or whatever else you see needs doing that you wish to contribute.

 Weekends are off so you can enjoy the surrounding magnificent area which includes World Heritage National Park 25 Kms away on the Great Dividing Range escarpment, exquisite pristine mountain stream meandering through the rainforest or a walk along kilometres of unspoiled beaches.

Bellingen is an eclectic village on the shortest crystal clear river in Australia.  Why not try snorkelling with our unique turtles or a canoe trip to town?

 We don't have TV but do have Wi-Fi.

 No alcohol please, smoking under one of the many big gum trees.  Can't be sure you will spot a koala but certainly trees are filled with king parrots and pigeons.

 Closest train Urunga station.

Come and share our world.  I ask of you that you come with a smile and leave with a smile and we share a beautiful exchange based on sincerity kindness and appreciation.

Last Active: active 1 month, 1 week ago
City/Town: Upper Fine Flower
Farming Methods: Biodynamic
Accommodation Type: In Our Home
Northern Rivers Clarence Valley Area. 120 acres on 1200 acres. Natural Bush Block. 4wd access. 100% off grid. Rebuilding my life after the bush fires. Creeks, Dams and lots of trees and animals. I can sign off on visa extensions. Approx 1 hour drive to Grafton, Casino or the Beach. I normally do a trip to town once a week or there abouts for supplies. I have shelter, food, unlimited Solar, wifi and most importantly a coffee maker. I'm looking for help to rebuild after the bush fires in 2019. I'm building an off grid lifestyle and would like to be come self sufficient and work towards building a wellness retreat on my private secluded 120 acres that is part of a 1200 plus acre property.
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