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Last Active: active 21 hours, 17 minutes ago
Gender: Friends
Skills I Want to Learn: Organic Practices, Permaculture/Biodynamics, Gardening, Pruning, Propagating, Composting, Soil conservation, Biodynamics practices and techniques, Mulching, Animal Care, Mustering, Beekeeping, Fencing, Building, Tool making, Using and caring for tools, Handyman, Preserving food, Wild food foraging, Fermenting food, Bread Making, Wine making, Marketing produce
We joined WWOOF because we would like to participate in a lifestyle that allows contact closer to nature. We want to learn everything. Know the various productions of organic culture, further develop our abilities. We love nature very much and all that it can give us to learn, do, understand. We thank WWOOF for allowing people who are part of this internet platform a more transparent and humane exchange, that is the help and sharing of which we all have.
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