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Last Active: active 10 months, 2 weeks ago
Gender: Female
Skills I Want to Learn: Permaculture/Biodynamics, Propagating, Composting, Soil conservation, Animal Care, Mustering, Natural building methods, Tool making, Handyman, Cheese making, Preserving food, Wild food foraging, Fermenting food, Bread Making, Wine making, Marketing produce
The reason we decided to join WWOOF is because we wanted to try something new, have a great experience and make some memories! At the beginning, we wanted to do some farm work but there was no more space for us, which turned out perfectly since we were, after all, more interested in WWOOF than in any other farms. The fact that we can do a lot of different things and that we can learn a lot while staying with real Aussies was also really appealing. We can't wait to begin this crazy adventure and we hope to hear from you real soon!
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