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Hi all, I have been a host for 8 years (almost 80 wwoofers) and I don’t pre buy any extra food or prepare any meals. I tend to take them shopping when I pick them up, so I don’t have extra food in the house but some foods to suit their diet needs. That way, if there is a no show, I am not out of pocket.

Luckily the only ‘no show’ have been people, who when I asked for their ‘Wwoof number’ (prior to the new website) made some excuse about using their good friend’s book, had a girlfriend who did not join or were actually wwoofing without joining at all. When explained they needed to join, I didn’t hear from them again. The new website makes it easy to confirm legitimate wwoofers.

I also have a ‘Welcome to Glenshiel’ information sheet which, if email contact is made, I attach to my reply. I have not worked out if I can attach it to the new website messages yet, but can ask for them to email me.

If wwoofers say they will arrive during the night, I direct them to the back packers hostel for the night and I organise to pick them up the next day when the shops are open for shopping, as it is a 40 minute drive to town.

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