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New Messaging system is coming soon!

In response to feedback from Hosts and WWOOFers we are now almost finished testing a new messaging system. The new system will automatically email members when there is a new message, you will be able to mark messages that are important and delete old messages if you choose to.

This will replace the current messaging system so please check all of your current conversations and mark anyone you are conversing with as a favorite, so you will be able to find them again.

If you have any important information stored in your current messages, please make a note of this so you don’t lose it!

We will do a short video for anyone who needs it and a forum and blog post as soon as testing is complete. We will allow 4 days from the blog and forum post to give people time to copy any important information and to follow members you have been messaging… it is a good idea to begin doing this now, so you don’t lose anything.

Watch this space!


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