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Ben Blackburn

Logged on today to find that 2 wwoofers had contacted me, but I received no email notification of their messages. This USED to happen with the old app, now doesn’t seem to. Seems I may have lost the opportunity to host these 2 as its been almost 2 weeks since they wrote. Disappointing. It seems a big step, but I would seriously consider scrapping the new website and finding a new web designer to work with. The forums/discussions/messaging is SOOOO complicated and cluttered, its a wonder anyone can communicate with each other. How’s about you just delete the forum and setup like an email inbox. Whats the difference between “Main forum” and “general discussions”. Why have more when less is better? You need to lean-up the website and get rid of lots of functions. Oh, and pressing the enter button in messages causing them to send is not a good default action. That’s what the send button is for. Surely this is easy to change? Please keep working on the site, I’m not ready to give up on WWOOFing just yet but surely in the current age its possible to create a user friendly, and simple, website?

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