Membership of WWOOF for WWOOFers

Membership of WWOOF Australia is your introduction to our listed WWOOF Hosts. We hope it will be a gateway for you to some valuable experiences. Your WWOOF Membership includes an Accident Insurance cover if your membership number begins with the letter "i". See below for details.

To become a member you need to purchase a copy of our Australian WWOOF Book or WWOOF App. You can order a copy of this list from our Online Shop, or join at one of our Sales outlets.

The Australian WWOOF Book or WWOOF App is both a detailed Host guide AND your proof of membership. Please keep it safe and do not give it to anyone else as it contains the private details of WWOOF Hosts, provided exclusively for the use of WWOOF members and protected by Australian Privacy Legislation.

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Insurance for WWOOFers

WWOOF Australia membership includes a small accident insurance policy for members who have a membership number beginning with "i" (for insurance). This insurance covers these members if they have an accident while they are WWOOFing on registered WWOOF Host properties within Australia.

You will find details of the WWOOF insurance policy on the inside front cover of your WWOOF book, and inside the WWOOF App, including the policy number and contact details in the event of needing to put in a claim. In all cases WWOOF Australia will need to verify with the insurance company that you are a registered WWOOFer on a registered WWOOF Host property at the time of the incident relating to the claim and the Host will need to verify that the accident occurred during a WWOOFing activity.

For more information read the Product Disclosure Statement and the WWOOF Schedule. These documents are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You will need the Acrobat viewer to view these files, this can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe.

Note: This policy is very basic, up to a maximum cover of AUD$10,000.00, and would be unlikely to cover all medical expenses in the event of a serious accident. It does not cover WWOOFers in the event of illness so it is a vital that WWOOFers also take out some form of medical insurance to cover illness.

We strongly advise WWOOFers to ensure they have adequate medical cover to suit their needs. The cost of ambulance transport and hospital admissions in Australia are VERY expensive and the WWOOF insurance policy only covers ambulance transport up to $3000.00. and a total claim of $10,000. Air ambulance transport can cost tens of thousands of dollars so it is vital to have separate additional insurance cover for this. Some WWOOF properties are remote or isolated and air ambulance may necessary to get to a hospital.

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